Video Conferencing in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil FIeld

Communication is vital in any business, non the least in the oil and gas industry.

Headquarters in cities like Aberdeen and London need to effectively communicate with workforces who could be located on oil refineries such as those in the North Sea, so do they take a boat or helicopter to the oil rigs for a quick briefing, or is it far more effective to use the latest technology that their business has to offer?

A proven solution for high quality communication to offshore sites and difficult to reach locations is Video Conferencing, which has been in use for many years in the oil and gas industry to connect teams on oil rigs to teams on the shore. Professional and secure Video Communication enables communication with engineers, geology firms and project managers to meet tight deadlines and budgets, whilst experts and teams based inland can manage multiple projects within a reduced time frame. Though more efficient means of communication for meetings between board members and offshore staff is not the only thing improved by the use of Video Conferencing.

Training partners must be able to educate employees on oil rigs efficiently and safely, training sessions canOff Shore Oil rig in sea be held more regularly and is proven to be far more heavily attended in comparison to in person training sessions. Video Conferencing also enables face-to-face interaction with family, and instant access & lifelike images to medical experts, psychiatrists and specialists means that remote sites home to hundreds of workers have much improved access to healthcare.

By using room based video conferencing such as the Polycom RealPresence Group Series systems along with Polycom Realpresence Mobile and desktop software, real-time data can be processed by experts and can be displayed graphically in 3D seismic models, enabling the drilling crew to be advised exactly where to drill by experts, giving onshore technicians the ability to support multiple rigs.

Collaboration at the Shah Gas Field, Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company, Al Hosn Gas, is improving productivity across the distributed Shah Gas workforce by implementing Video Conferencing and Collaboration Suites. With less travel and more engagement with partners through the integration of Cisco Video Conferencing solutions, SMART Interactive Whiteboards and integrated AV solutions including Revolabs audio, ceiling cameras and bespoke AMX touch panel developments, the Shah Gas collaboration suites are reducing the need to travel and helping projects mean tight timescales by allowing teams to work much more productively.

Project reviews, management & board meetings and regular project updates all now use Video Collaboration tools designed and implemented by VideoCentric to assist this highly strategic project. Using cutting edge technology will not only fuel growth, industrial development and employment opportunities, but will also create sustainable wealth for citizens into the future.

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