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  • According to a 2016 survey carried out by Dell, 75% of IT organisations currently lack the visibility and diagnostic capabilities to drive better Unified Communication experiences to users. Similarly, 55% of them spend time troubleshooting UC quality of experience issues weekly, and 20% troubleshoot daily or hourly.

    With the right tools in place, data collection and analysis together with professional reporting and presentation will provide your key stakeholders with the information they need to reach informed management decisions about communication platforms and collaborative technologies. This can be done in-house and on-premise through the proper installation of VM software, however reviews and analysis often end up taking 2nd priority, and therefore it is often a smart move to involve external specialists to ensure this is carried out consistently and effectively.

    Visibility, reporting and troubleshooting of many enterprise solutions is surprisingly lacking both visibly and functionally, and so whether looking at cloud or on-premise, it is important to choose the tools that fit in with your mixed environment without compromise to security.

    What Solutions and Services are Available?

    Dependent upon your network and your platform of choice, there are many choices of tools to gain indepth analysis of network usage, mixed UC platforms and endpoints to help you fully understand and improve communications & networks.

    • Inbuilt diagnostics and statistics within your collaboration platform
      Communications platforms with administrator dashboards and inbuilt reporting tools
    • Monitoring solutions and managed services
      Including capturing all relevant call and network traffic, network behaviour, quality and call quality, and generating notifications when specified parameters are met
    • Ongoing Adoption services
      For ongoing training and education, assistance with growing usage and onboarding users, and review sessions with cost analysis and KPI management.

    VideoCentric will work with you to understand your goals around ROI, Analytics and Adoption, and can provide a selection of services and solutions for your network and communications deployment, whether cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.





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