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    Consultancy is about providing the missing link in an organisation’s expertise. VideoCentric’s team of highly accredited and experienced individuals have a proven track record of assisting both the private and public sector in understanding their network, designing and planning video based solutions to achieve specific needs and outcomes, and offering the advice and expertise needed to successfully meet your business goals through Telecoms, Conferencing & Collaboration.

    What we do

    We provide professional independent consulting services specialising in unified coms, collaboration, customer experience, digital transformation, cloud & mobility.

    We aim to understand your business strategy and objectives and to identify, creatively design and successfully deliver business solutions with measurable and tangible outcomes.


    We have over 30 years of experience in unified communications, video, collaboration, advanced technology and innovation. Our experience of designing, integrating and delivering solutions either local or globally transcends all verticals. Our experience extends across a multitude of legacy communication assets, voice systems and IT systems and includes system integrators, telecoms service providers, consultants, analysts, major vendors, cloud, on premise, hybrid & some of the newer challenger vendors.


    Providing excellent communication and collaboration experiences to your employees and customers can be a challenge. Our consultancy services identify the right outcomes and solutions for your business and remediate issues before they become problems.

    We have the knowledge and experience to creatively solve the most complex transition / transformation projects and communication issues.



    Discovering what assets, contracts, service levels, devices, applications and infrastructure you have across a disparate estate is often one of the first and hardest challenges you face when considering any form of transformation project.

    Accurate discovery and inventory are essential to forming a positive outcome when modelling commercials and building transition and transformation experiences.

    User Profiling

    Everyone uses devices, applications or services in different ways. You only have to look at your current mobile phone or desktop and compare it to any other to see that.

    How users consume services, how they function across countries or regions, departments or lines of business differs across every enterprise and every region.

    Failure to provide the right solutions, applications, devices and services can lead to poor user experience or customer dissatisfaction and often opens the door to non authorised third party services.

    Design & Specification

    From project concept to fulfilment every element of the technical design function needs careful and considered analysis. Our experience across vendor, third party application, device, service provider or telco services and other elements of the solution identifies potential threats or weakness’s which need to be accommodated or designed out of the final solution. Too often we have seen the promises of few effecting the experiences of the many.

    Contracting & Commercial Structure

    Legal contracting across multiple jurisdictions and commercial analysis along with total cost of ownership and return on investment are fundamental to the overall success of your project. Our consultants will work across the project to ensure that the correct governance and measurable outputs have been applied and managed.

    Operating Model & Service Level Agreements

    Outsource, insource, managed service or bespoke service orientation across every element of the project again requires much consideration. We take you through the myriad of possibilities to ensure that service construct meets your needs across every element of the proposition.

    Consultancy resources & pricing

    We want to make it easy for you to engage with us. Our pricing methodology therefore is simple. You can purchase consulting resources by the day, week, month or project.

    Additional Services

    • PRI/PSTN Replacement – SIP, TEHO, design, legal and regulatory compliance
    • Service provider, integrator and vendor review – availability / capability and construct, delivery process and points of potential service failure
    • Solution design and optimisation with infrastructure impact assessments and guidance
    • Budget, Return on investment and total cost of ownership financial modelling projections
    • Project program and transformation timeline
    • PBX migration planning with current solution architecture and proposed Voice transformation and integration consulting services across estate
    • Service level agreement construct & support service reviews
    • End user profiling service
    • Infrastructure ( LAN – WAN – Mobility & Security ) assessment and impact reviews
    • Application, device, solution (hosted, hybrid and on premise based) and service suitability review
    • Contact centre – customer experience design and process optimisation
    • Construct of RFI/ RFP and contract award analysis
    • Managed service review and impact assessment
    • Workforce impact and project requirements
    • Provision of project, programme, service delivery and project team

    Contact our team today to discuss your consultancy, assessment and design needs, so you can be guaranteed that the Video Communications solution you deploy is both right for you, and will provide you with the highest Return on Investment.



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