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  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Cloud-based Networking, and outsourced infrastructure are all terms describing the access of network resources from an external provider using the Internet or a Wide Area Network. Resources are managed on behalf of the company, and enable the organisation to access features, functionality and resources that previously may have been too costly or complex to have on-premise.

    Organisations also recognise the cost benefits of long term subscriptions rather than single one-off payments for infrastructure such as gateways, firewall traversal servers and multipoint conferencing/control units, which have previously been expensive and not kept up to date due to the cost factors of upgrading, lack of expertise or other higher priorities in the organisation. By utilising cloud-based network services, businesses can utilise infrastructure for their communications that is managed and upgraded by a central provider, ensuring access to the newest and most secure solutions available on the market today.

    What Solutions can we Provide?

    From hosted Unified Communications Solutions, to single endpoint registration to a traversal service, VideoCentric have a whole host of Cloud-based infrastructure services to assist with your business communications.

    • Hosted Unified Communications
      Audio and Video Conferencing, Messaging and Collaboration tools, with mobility & presence
    • Hosted PBX services
      From the likes of Broadsoft and RingCentral
    • Monitoring and Diagnostic network services
      Including network assessment, network monitoring and diagnostics tools
    • Interoperability and Transcoding services
      including SIP/H.323 transcoding, ISDN & PTSN gateways and H.264 High Profile services
    • Skype for Business/Office 365 Interoperability services
      No longer the need for on-premise gateways for Microsoft Skype for Business interoperability
    • Firewall Traversal Services
      Collaborate through firewalls without compromise to security
    • Recording, Streaming and Sharing
      Without the need for recording and streaming servers

    By working with VideoCentric, you gain access to a comprehensive platform of services and solutions, with experts to assist you throughout your journey. Get in touch today to speak with the team, and arrange an initial discovery session to get on the road to better communications.

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