Video Conferencing Solutions for Small Rooms & Huddle Spaces

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  • Small meeting rooms or “huddle rooms” are meeting spaces designed for small groups (best between 2 and 4 people) that enable them to collaborate and work on projects in a “team huddle” environment, without using up the larger and more formal conference rooms. Huddle Rooms are great for ad-hoc meetings and impromptu collaborative sessions.

    A reflection of our change in working culture, huddle spaces should encourage flexibility, fast collaboration and ad-hoc innovation, and remove the culture of “having a meeting for the sake of a meeting”. The rise in the huddle room across the workforce has been heavily influenced by the trend of remote working – more employees are working externally, pushing the need for much more remote collaboration to take place between locations.

    In April 2020, 46.6% of people in employment did some work at home. Of those who did some work from home, 86.0% did so as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. ONS 2020.

    The emergence of remote working means people are not nearby to their nearest colleagues – getting large groups of people together in one place to hold a formal meeting is less necessary and more dangerous than previously, and in fact whilst the physical space is reducing, ensuring the room has the right technology for efficient collaboration is vital to keep teams and people connected. Covid-19 has also given us some unique challenges for our small/huddle rooms.

    VideoCentric work with organisations of all sizes to deploy solutions into small meeting rooms, huddle rooms and huddle pods, to ensure your teams get access to video communications in whatever room they choose to collaborate within. Get in touch today to find out more about our huddle room solutions or to discuss adding video to your smaller meeting spaces.


    So what solutions are available for the Huddle Room?

    With face-to-face interaction becoming much more critical in business communications whilst teams are becoming increasingly dispersed, there are many Video Conferencing systems now on the market that have been designed with the huddle room and smaller meeting room in mind. There is no longer the need to kit out a small meeting room with a system designed for 12+ people, professional Video Conferencing manufacturers such as Cisco, Poly, Yealink, Logitech and Lifesize now all provide cutting-edge Video Conferencing endpoints and professional VC cameras designed specifically for rooms of 2-4 people.

    You may wish to consider:

    Lifesize Icon 300 Huddle Room Video Conferencing solutionPoly Huddle Room Trio and Video Conferencing system with 4 participants

    In addition to Video Conferencing endpoints designed for smaller meeting rooms, collaborative and AV technologies are also available that are more suited to the small huddle space. There is no need to equip these rooms with 85″ displays and interactive whiteboards, wireless data sharing capabilities for more people than the room can hold, and technology that just won’t be required in a room of this size.

    Rather than these large room collaboration technologies, you could think about:

    • An interactive flip chart for remote collaboration
    • 32″ to 60″ displays that can be wall mounted or on desk stands, or video enabling your current display with a low cost professional PTZ camera
    • Secure wireless presentation facilities for up to 4 people, such as the small room Barco ClickShare
    • Rollabout trolleys designed for single screens, either standard in design, or to match your corporate colour scheme
    • Professional lower cost audio solutions optimised for your smaller meeting rooms

    VideoCentric’s portfolio for small meeting rooms enables you to equip your huddle spaces with high quality Video Conferencing and content sharing solutions that is interoperable, secure and provides the same robust features you have come to expect from professional Video Conferencing and Collaboration solutions in the boardroom.

    See a range of our product portfolio below, and contact us today where we can discuss various options available for the huddle space, including smaller and lower cost video conferencing solutions, interactive displays, content sharing facilities and cloud based virtual meeting rooms to help your teams become more productive, more efficient and more collaborative.


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