Video Conferencing Demonstration Suite & Remote Collaboration Labs

Compare virtually every manufacturers Video Conferencing technology and remote collaboration environments under one roof at the UK’s most comprehensive demonstration facilities of video conferencing and collaboration technologies. 

  • Zoom, Lifesize, Pexip, WebEx & BlueJeans Clouds
    Compare all the industry’s cloud platforms with a range of integrated technologies
  • Poly, Cisco, Yealink & Lifesize room endpoints
    Switch & view differences & features on the same screen
  • USB solutions for huddle rooms & meeting spaces
    Side-by-side comparison of Zoom Rooms, Logitech, Poly Studio, Huddle Buddy & Aver
  • Microsoft Environment Integration/Interoperability 
    Compare the Teams, O365 & Skype for Business certified solutions from Pexip, BlueJeans and Poly
  • Wireless & content sharing solutions
    Including Poly Pano, Barco Clickshare, Apple Airplay, Miracast & Lifesize Share
  • UC, Telephony & Collaboration Integrations 
    See how Teams, Zoom, Slack, GoToMeeting, Google, Hipchat, AWS, 8×8, RingCentral and other communication platforms integrate into each video environment
  • Future Technologies
    See the newest 4K technologies with 4K Cameras, 4K interactive displays & 4K Cloud
  • Interactive Displays, Booking & Controllers
    Try out the Cisco WebEx Board, Iiyama 4K interactive display, Evoko Room Booking Touch Panels & SY controllers

Compare like-for-like systems, cloud based conferencing solutions, Microsoft’s Skype for Business, Office 365 and Teams interoperability, and the most cutting edge Video Collaboration tools whilst surrounded by an unbiased, independent team of video experts, available to discuss your requirements, demonstrate each competing solutions benefits and pitfalls, and help tailor a solution for your business’ needs. Customers and partner’s can arrange to visit the VideoCentric HQ demonstration suite in the heart of the Thames Valley.




VideoCentric Boardroom demo suite

VideoCentric Demonstration Facilities Reading UK

Legacy, Current & Emerging Technologies

Our full range of world-leading and lesser well-known technologies, alongside legacy and emerging solutions are integrated in an environment without pressure from any particular standpoint. Unaffiliated with any particular manufacturer, accredited with each one, and with individuals who have travelled through the journey of VC since it’s conception, our independent research and stringent testing in our own labs means we have an unique insight and ability to understand the challenges across the board.

  • Every leading Video Conferencing endpoint for the meeting room, including from Cisco, Poly and Lifesize
  • Integrated Cloud software including Zoom Rooms and Cisco Spark/WebEx Teams with Spark/WebEx Board
  • Microsoft Skype for Business, Teams & Office 365
  • Hipchat, Slack, WebEx, Google Hangouts & Skype integration
  • Touch controllers and integrated audio solutions including 8×8 Telephony
  • Front of room dual 65″ HD displays, with additional comparison displays underneath
  • 86″ 4K Iiyama interactive display for integration or stand-alone demonstrations
  • Wireless meeting room collaboration solutions including Apple Airplay, Lifesize Share and Polycom Pano

Compare and discuss all the options, in the same room, on the same display, with the same lighting conditions. Understand the pro’s and con’s of each in an interactive and unbiased environment. No pressure from a particular vendor. Technical engineers on hand for network discussions and planning if required.  Arrange a visit with us and we will help you choose the right long-term solution for your business goals.



Plus, we have other locations, demonstration facilities & Briefing Centres across the UK!

We are always excited to visit VideoCentric’s premises – their friendly attitude and knowledge of the industry makes our visits very comfortable, informative and definitely worthwhile.

And their range of systems and integration solutions don’t just demonstrate video conferencing equipment – it demonstrates how visual communications really works within the business environment”


VideoCentric’s Desktop and Mobility Demonstration Suite is the only location in the UK where you can compare all the desktop, mobile and tablet solutions, integrated with cloud platforms, on-premise solutions and boardroom technologies. Visit our HQ to see:

  • Desktop Video Conferencing systems, Video IP Phones and Video Conferencing software
  • Video Conferencing on Windows, MACs, Android, iPad & iPhones
  • Interoperability between Desktop and Mobility Suite and Boardroom/Meeting Room Suite
  • BYOD (Bring your own device) solutions
  • Cloud services, Hybrid & On-Premise comparisons
  • Professional Desktop Systems inc. Cisco DX Series, IP Phones, Polycom & Lifesize
  • Software demonstrations including Cisco Spark, Polycom RealPresence , Lifesize Cloud, Skype integration

VideoCentric’s intensive testing of all the manufacturers’ solutions means we can also demonstrate the interoperability issues between different systems and show how specific solutions may, or may not be suited to your requirements.


VideoCentric’s Boardroom Demonstration Suite enables all the leading manufacturers HD Video Conferencing technology to be viewed on the same dual displays under the same lighting conditions. This enables comparisons of systems not available at even manufacturer facilities. The facilities also enable Standard Definition systems to be compared top of the range 1080p High Definition systems and how they compare when implemented on the same IP network or over the internet.


The suite includes today’s modern cloud integrations and infrastructure, combined with UC applications such as Microsoft Skype for Business and Audio Conferencing solutions such as Lifesize’s Touch HD phone and the new Polycom Trio and Polycom Pano.

The Boardroom and Meeting Room Demonstration Suite also includes all HD and SD cameras deemed suitable for Video Conferencing from world leading manufacturers and the Iiyama 87″ interactive touch panel, with top of the range collaboration software, and bespoke room control designed and programmed by VideoCentric.






Looking for a Teams solution but not sure what hardware to pick? Why not get a free, live and remote demo? We demo most of the certified MS Teams range – see the table below to find out which systems and cameras we can demo. If you can’t see what you are looking for, just get in touch and find out if we can source the product for you.

MS-Certified Teams Room (MTR) System Sold, Installed & Supported by VideoCentric Demonstrating now at VideoCentric
Crestron Flex UC series (inc C160-T) YES YES
HP Elite Slice YES YES
Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 YES NO
Lenovo ThinkCentre M920 Tiny (with TAP & Poly G10) YES SOON
Logitech TAP with Intel NUC YES YES
Poly G10 with Lenovo ThinkCentre M920 Tiny YES SOON
Yealink MVC series (inc MVC300, 400, 500, 800 Gen.2) YES YES
MS Surface Pro NO NO
Extracted from Microsoft Requirements Document, online 6th Oct 2020.
MS-Certified USB Camera System Sold, Installed & Supported by VideoCentric Demonstrating now at VideoCentric
Jabra Panacast NO NO
Logitech 930e, Rally & Meetup YES YES
Logitech Brio, Group, PTZ-Pro & ConferenceCam YES NO (but yes via importer)
Poly EagleEye Cube YES YES
Poly Studio USB YES YES
Poly EagleEye USB/MSR Camera YES YES
Poly CX5100 NO NO
Poly EagleEye Director II YES NO (but yes via Poly)
Poly Trio 8500 & 8800 YES YES
Yealink UVC30 camera with CP900 audio YES YES
Yealink UVC40, 50 & 80 as part of MVC MTR range YES YES
Extracted from Microsoft Requirements Document, online 6th Oct 2020.

Considering other suppliers? – remember if they can’t demonstrate it to you ahead of sale, what’s the chance of getting knowledgeable support from them afterwards? Buy cheap, pay twice!


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