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    The manufacturing industry is one of the world’s most most diverse sectors, contributing the critical components required to keep today’s world moving forwards. This continually evolving industry is highly reliant upon innovation and efficiency, and staying competitive through faster production cycles, reduced costs and facilitating a more productive workforce is key to industry success.

    So what are the benefits of Video Communication within manufacturing?

    • Fast-paced product-development cycles
      Visual Collaboration solutions enable teams to communicate more efficiently, quickly share data and information with supply chains and be much more productive. With the right video conferencing and collaboration tools, real-time data, modelling, blueprints and designs can be displayed and processed immediately, and decisions can be made and shared at a moments notice, regardless of location or device.
    • Collaboration between multinational workgroups and dispersed teams
      Business is becoming more dispersed than ever before. Companies are expanding across the globe, and businesses must provide the tools and technologies to enable dispersed employees, warehouses and offices to interact, collaboration and build relationships, wherever they are located. Engaged employees are more productive, and video conferencing can provide the highly interactive, face-to-face communication needed to bring your dispersed teams together. See our Dispersed Workforce Solutions.


    • Complex project management
      With Video Conferencing, projects can be streamlined and managed more efficiently, with project managers able to  support multiple sites and tasks without high levels of travel and cost. Complexity of project management can be greatly reduced – timescales of many activities that are interrelated can be reduced, experts can easily be called upon where necessary, and where conferences were previously carried out via awkward, un-engaging audio conferencing, teams can now collaborate face-to-face, with higher interaction, better relationships and a better overall understanding of the tasks to be completed. 


    • Communication between a dispersed supply chain, warehouses, technicians & experts
      Effective supply chain management is the key for manufacturers aiming to stay ahead of the competition. Today’s supply chain has to be more agile than ever before. With Video Conferencing for manufacturers, global teams can meet instantly face-to-face, anywhere, anytime. Teams can respond quickly to design changes and are able to keep up with globalisation, the need for increased productivity, faster-paced business and to stay competitive. 

    Whether designing new engines, developing pharmaceuticals, ­manufacturing gauges for ships, developing new in-flight technologies or researching new methods for textile manufacture and design, VideoCentric’s Video ­Conferencing Solutions for the Manufacturing industry have been implemented globally to bring together supply chains and dispersed workforces more effectively, more ­productively and more economically.

    Find out more ways in which Video Conferencing and Collaboration can help the manufacturing industry improve productivity, efficiency and innovation.


    VideoCentric are the UK’s most experienced Video Conferencing and Video Collaboration Integrator, providing the highest quality professional video conferencing, Unified Communications, video networking & multi-vendor solutions for the Manufacturing and Engineering Industry. For over 15 years, VideoCentric have been working with manufacturing organisations large and small to improve business processes and implement ­video ­conferencing and collaboration technology to help achieve key business goals. Our customers include many of the leading names in sectors of the industry including electronic, aerospace and defence, fashion and textile, steel, automotive, and household appliances. 

    Manufacturing Industry UK Video Conferencing Customers

    This 15 years experience has provided us with an in depth understanding of the communication challenges and business needs of organisations in this sector. We have designed, installed and supported solutions including immersive telepresence rooms, boardroom upgrades, mobile & BYOD network provision, firewall management, remote expert connectivity, Microsoft Skype for Business integration in the boardroom with Professional Audio systems, and 3D projection/screen & interactive collaboration solutions for manufacturing & engineering. We aim is to provide manufacturing organisations with the highest quality, professional, unbiased and most secure video solutions available, suitable to integrate into your current infrastructure or with a SaaS collaborative platform. 

    Our award-winning technical team provide the most comprehensive range of services and support solutions, and are fully accredited and trained with all the leading manufacturers of Video solutions. Our end-to-end service ensures all our customers are provided with a solution that fully meets their communication needs, is integrated & installed, adopted by users, and professionally supported for years to come. 

    We needed an experienced UK Cisco video conferencing partner for our UK locations, and VideoCentric were recommended to us by our Cisco Account Manager. They designed and implemented the solutions we needed and continue to this day to provide expert support for our UK locations.

    – Boeing Defense UK



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