Introducing the DTEN D7X Dual 75″

DTEN D7X Dual 75″ – Elevate Your Collaboration Experience

Experience a revolutionary shift in how you collaborate with the D7X Dual 75″. This cutting-edge solution redefines teamwork, fostering dynamic brainstorming sessions and delivering top-tier audio-visual experiences with a simple tap on the screen.


Explore the incredible features that make the D7X Dual the ultimate platform for modern meetings:

Immersive 5-Camera System

  • Capture in-room participants at eye level, regardless of their positioning: The D7X Dual 75″ features an advanced 5-camera system that intelligently adjusts to ensure that every participant, whether they’re seated in front, to the side, near, or far from the screen, is captured at eye level. Say goodbye to awkward camera angles and ensure everyone feels connected and engaged.
  • Seamlessly integrate both in-room and remote team members: With its innovative camera setup, the D7X Dual seamlessly blends in-room and remote participants into a single, cohesive meeting experience. Whether your team members are physically present or joining from a different location, everyone can engage as if they were in the same room.
  • Foster a natural and immersive meeting environment: The D7X Dual’s camera system creates a more natural and immersive meeting environment. It enables eye contact, better non-verbal communication, and a true sense of presence, making meetings feel more authentic and engaging.

Dual Brilliant 4K Displays

  • Optimize shared content with exceptional clarity: The D7X Dual boasts two brilliant 4K displays that ensure shared content is presented with unparalleled clarity and detail. Whether you’re sharing documents, presentations, or visuals, your content will shine and be easily comprehensible.
  • Enable annotation, whiteboarding, and dynamic presentations: Take your presentations to the next level with built-in annotation and whiteboarding capabilities. Engage your team by drawing, highlighting, and making real-time notes directly on the screen. Dynamic presentations come to life with vibrant colors and crisp graphics.
  • Provide dedicated screen space for remote participants: The dual displays offer dedicated screen real estate for remote participants, ensuring they have a clear view of both shared content and in-room participants. This feature promotes inclusivity and keeps everyone engaged, no matter where they are.

Seamless Content Sharing

  • Display whiteboard and shared content simultaneously: The D7X Dual simplifies content sharing by allowing you to display both the whiteboard and shared content side by side. This simultaneous view fosters collaboration, allowing team members to reference and annotate content while discussing ideas, all in real-time.
  • Foster collaboration with ease and efficiency: Sharing content is a breeze with the D7X Dual. Its intuitive controls and simultaneous display options make it easy for team members to collaborate efficiently. Whether you’re brainstorming, reviewing documents, or presenting, the D7X Dual enhances collaboration without friction.

Premium AI-Assisted Audio

  • 15-microphone array for crystal-clear sound: Experience crystal-clear audio quality with the D7X Dual’s premium 15-microphone array. It ensures that every word spoken in the meeting is captured with exceptional clarity, eliminating the frustration of unclear or distorted audio.
  • Powerful stereo speaker system for immersive audio quality: The D7X Dual’s stereo speaker system delivers immersive, high-quality sound, ensuring that every participant in the room can hear and be heard with precision. Whether it’s a voice, music, or multimedia presentation, the audio quality is unmatched.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Start Zoom meetings effortlessly: The D7X Dual’s user-friendly interface simplifies the process of starting Zoom meetings. With just a few taps on the screen, you can initiate meetings quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and reducing the learning curve for team members.
  • Support local content sharing with intuitive controls: Sharing local content is made intuitive with easy-to-use controls. The D7X Dual ensures that team members can share documents, presentations, or other materials effortlessly, enhancing the flow of discussions.
  • Ensure all team members stay on the same page: The intuitive menu design of the D7X Dual’s interface ensures that every team member can navigate and access features without confusion, keeping everyone aligned and engaged during meetings.

DTEN Smart Framing Technology

  • Enhance same-room meetings with optimized video framing: DTEN Smart Framing technology identifies and optimizes video frames for in-room participants, ensuring that their video feed is framed perfectly. This enhances the immersive quality of same-room meetings, making everyone feel like they’re in the spotlight.
  • Elevate the immersive quality of video-centric collaboration: By optimizing video framing, the D7X Dual elevates the overall quality of video-centric collaboration. It brings participants closer together, fostering a more engaging and interactive meeting environment.

Versatile Connectivity

  • Additional USB ports, 3.5mm audio jacks, and wireless audio support: The D7X Dual offers versatile connectivity options, including extra USB ports and 3.5mm audio jacks, catering to a wide range of devices and accessories. It also supports wireless audio, reducing cable clutter and enhancing flexibility in your meetings.
  • Enhanced connectivity for your unique requirements: Whether you need to connect a document camera, an assisted listening device, or a large-scale projector screen, the D7X Dual is equipped with the necessary connections and processing power to meet your unique meeting needs. It ensures that you’re prepared for any scenario.

Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery Integration

  • Foster inclusivity in hybrid meetings with Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery: The integration of Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery enhances the inclusivity of hybrid meetings by providing a gallery view of all participants. This feature ensures that both in-room and remote team members receive equal attention and engagement, promoting a sense of unity and collaboration.

Future-Proof Design

  • Engineered to accommodate evolving work requirements: The D7X Dual is designed with the future in mind. It can adapt to evolving work requirements and technology trends, ensuring that your investment remains relevant and valuable over time.
  • Connect document cameras, assisted listening devices, and projectors effortlessly: Whatever your future needs may be, the D7X Dual is ready. It offers seamless integration with various devices, including document cameras, assisted listening devices, and projectors, making it a versatile solution for changing workplace demands.

Elevate engagement, productivity, and inclusivity in your meetings with the DTEN D7X Dual 75″.

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Pricing - Stand Alone Unit - Monthly Cost

DTEN 55-D7X-A on Android for Teams or Zoom Rooms with Single 55" 10-point Touch display. MS & Zoom certified. £118.50
DTEN 55-D7X-W on Windows for Teams or Zoom Rooms with Single 55" 10-point Touch display. MS & Zoom certified. £131.55
DTEN 75-D7X-A on Android for Teams or Zoom Rooms with Single 75" 10-point Touch display. MS & Zoom certified. £197.12
DTEN DT-D7X75W DT-D7X-75W DTEN 75-D7X-W on Windows for Teams or Zoom Rooms with Single 75" 10-point Touch display. MS & Zoom certified. £223.72

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Monthly fee is ex-VAT and based on 36 monthly repayments. Options of 12, 24, 48 and 60 month repayments are available.

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Did you know?  Corporation tax payers can offset the monthly fees against annual accounts thereby saving 19-26.5% versus an up-front capital purchase.
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