DTEN ME Pro. Your Complete Desktop Video Conferencing

DTEN ME Pro – For Desktop & Huddle Space Video Conferencing and Collaboration

The DTEN ME Pro is the all-in-one solution designed to come straight out of the box, plug into power and network and start making or receiving calls.

Ideally suited to a small meeting space, an executive desktop, a conference room, a kiosk, a home office or a shared hot desk, this video communication system enhances hybrid working practices, productivity and connectivity like never before.



With the ME Pro, you can personalise your workstation or hot desk experience by simply logging-in with your personal Zoom desktop account or you can pair it with Zoom Rooms to sync calendars, status, meeting settings, and even phone functionality in your meeting room. You can effortlessly screen greet and register visitors and employees, all with the convenience of a single tap on the screen.

The ME Pro is not just a video conferencing device; it’s the ultimate standalone desktop display and a powerful collaboration workstation. Thanks to Smart Connect, you can easily connect your laptop and turn it into a touch screen or use the ME Pro as a secondary monitor.

Designed with collaboration in mind, the ME Pro features a 27-inch hyper-responsive touch display that keeps pace with your ideas. You can instantly share saved whiteboards with others, and its Smart 3-camera array ensures lifelike interactions with meeting attendees. With a 160-degree horizontal Field of View, everyone can have a virtual seat at the table, no matter where they are.

Additionally, the ME Pro comes equipped with an 8-microphone array, integrated stereo speakers, acoustic echo cancellation, Automatic Gain Control (AGC), and AI-based noise cancellation to eliminate distracting background noise. Its lightweight (6.5kg) and ultra-thin (13mm) design makes it easy to move, and installation is a breeze – just plug it in, and it works seamlessly.

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