DTEN D7 – For Zoom on Windows

DTEN D7 stands out as the premier all-in-one video conferencing solution tailor-made for Zoom on Windows, enhancing the accessibility of both desktop and room-based video meetings. Pioneering the development of all-in-one video conferencing devices for Windows, DTEN consistently innovates to deliver displays that are hassle-free to install, user-friendly from the get-go, and easy to maintain.


This technology boasts a seamless plug-and-play setup, requiring no technical assistance. Designed specifically for the Windows operating system, DTEN D7 ensures compatibility and efficiency. The Orbit remote software facilitates effortless updates, ensuring that all deployed DTEN D7 units remain up to date. Equipped with smart wide-angle cameras, it optimises room views and minimises visual distractions.

Key features include:

  1. 4K HD camera that offers an in-room experience, tracking participants as they engage in discussions.
  2. The Smart Gallery feature in Zoom Rooms guarantees a seamless experience for both remote and in-office personnel.
  3. Integrated HD audio and video enhance the naturalness of meetings, while Audio AI sound suppression technology effectively filters out background noise, fostering distraction-free discussions.
  4. The 16-Microphone Array captures voices crisply, complemented by DTEN’s proprietary DSP for noise elimination.
  5. Furthermore, the ultra-responsive whiteboarding and real-time annotation capabilities on the 4K ten-point capacitive touch display promote seamless and inclusive collaboration.


DTEN D7 simplifies meeting initiation with one-touch start, accommodating attendees joining from mobile devices, desktops, or room systems. Screen sharing, digital whiteboarding, and the DTEN stylus facilitate interactive collaboration and brainstorming. Combining cutting-edge interactive video conferencing hardware with Zoom Rooms software solutions, DTEN D7 comes preconfigured with Zoom Rooms software and supports dual display setups for Zoom Rooms for Touch. It also runs Workspace Reservation from Zoom, enabling employees to reserve desks and conference rooms effortlessly.

Customers can choose from four options:

  • 55″ model, perfect for smaller spaces
  • 75″ model, ideal for mid-sized conference rooms
  • Dual 55″ configuration for enhanced collaboration in larger settings
  • Dual 75″ setup, providing a premium experience for spacious meeting environments.

This diverse line-up ensures that organizations can select the DTEN D7 size that best suits their specific requirements, making high-quality video conferencing accessible across a spectrum of spaces and use cases.

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