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News item: August 11, 2020

A clutter-free approach to Microsoft Teams Rooms

Everywhere you look, companies are adapting to a new style and era of work. Remote employees are more common than ever. Even when the slow return to the office begins, the chances are that remote strategies will stay strong.

Today, Microsoft Teams is one of the leading tools hosting those remote employees, supporting up to 75 million daily active users. Poly, one of the world’s market leaders in communication solutions, is helping today’s companies to take advantage of the Teams experience, with new solutions for convenient and efficient meetings.

The Poly solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms offer a convenient clutter-free experience for businesses. Poly’s high-quality endpoints combine with the ThinkSmart Computing technology from Lenovo to drive a new future for teamwork.

The Poly Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams

To encourage better adoption among teams, Poly reached out to customers with Microsoft Teams Rooms services, as well as those considering deploying new rooms. The team found that the primary concerns from admin was around consistency and ease of deployment. Users want high-quality experiences that are simple and straightforward.

The Poly Room solutions don’t feature a mess of wires to overcome. There’s a simple cable management system to eliminate clutter, allowing for a sleeker room experience. Additionally, the compute and tabletop consoles only need one generous 10m fibre optic cable. This makes installation easier than ever.

To further enhance the simplicity of the experience, the Poly GC8 8-inch touchscreen console has a USB and HDMI port, so you can link your laptop and a USB phone to the same controller. For end-users, Poly even made sure that the meeting experiences would be as intuitive as possible. High-quality audio and intelligent NoiseBlockAI allow for more clarity in conversations.

These functionalities mean that meeting participants can keep the focus on the conversation, while enjoying dynamic and crisp video experiences.

Practical and straightforward Meeting Rooms

The Poly Room solutions for Microsoft Teams eliminate the unnecessary clutter in the meeting room and allow companies to tuck the PC into a cabinet out of the way. The Poly group also partnered with the Lenovo ThinkSmart team to offer a more enterprise-grade computing appliance, optimized for collaboration, and built on Intel technology (vPro).

Poly’s Room solutions for Microsoft Teams come in a range of configurations, including:

  • Poly G10-T: Base kit to connect to existing peripherals. This kit includes Poly GC8, Lenovo ThinkSmart Tiny edition, wall mount kit, and 10m USB cable
  • Poly G40-T: Designed for small to mid-sized rooms. This kit comes with Poly GC8, the Lenovo ThinkSmart Tiny edition, a wall mount kit, Poly Studio, and a 10m USB cable
  • Poly G80-T: For mid to large-sized rooms, this kit comes with Poly GC8, Lenovo ThinkSmart Tiny edition, the 10m USB cable, wall mounting kit, Eagle Eye Director II and the Trio C60

Smaller conferencing rooms and huddle rooms are covered too. The Studio X family of Poly solutions also come with Teams natively installed. The Poly Studio X50 and X30 collaboration bars are ideally suited for smaller meeting spaces, with one-touch access to meetings.

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