Poly G85-T – Medium/ Large Room System for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Poly G-85-T

(This product superceeds the Poly G80-T) Poly room solution for Microsoft Teams delivers a clutter-free Microsoft Teams Rooms experience combined with powerful Poly audio and video for any size room. No more massive cable mess on the conference table. Just one single cable on the touch controller that connects to the compute appliance in the cabinet or behind the monitor. Plug in your PC to the touch controller to share your screen—and connect a USB speakerphone, too. Just like that, meeting experiences are simple, predictable and consistent. You get dedicated Microsoft Teams Rooms with no-fuss installation. No one will never miss a word or inflection with Poly exclusive NoiseBlockAI, HD Voice and Acoustic Clarity technologies. And add Poly Studio video bar for automatic group framing and speaker tracking in small meeting rooms, or EagleEye Director II video conferencing camera with intelligent people tracking even in large conference rooms. With Poly room solution for Microsoft Teams, everyday meetings are transformed into powerful experiences.
Key Features
  • For content sharing, connect a PC to the Poly GC8
  • A USB speakerphone can also be connected to the Poly GC8
  • Gain Poly signature audio and noise-blocking technology
  • TV-production-like speaker tracking with EagleEye Director II video conferencing camera


  • Keep your meetings rooms neat—tuck the compute appliance in a cabinet or behind the monitor and set the touch controller on a conference table
  • Arrange the conference room to fit your needs with the generous 10m (32.8 ft) USB cable (25 m/40 m options available)
  • Never miss a word or inflection with Poly exclusive HD Voice, Poly Acoustic Clarity, and Acoustic Fence (Studio)
  • Customize the room—with wide-angle group-framing, speaker tracking cameras, speaker-tracking zoom cameras or speakerphones
The Poly G80-T is for medium to large-sized conference rooms
What’s included in the G80-T Kit:
  • Poly GC8
  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny
  • 10 m high-speed fiber optic USB cable
  • EagleEye Director II
Poly G-85-T

Poly G-85-T

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Poly G-85-T
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