Conflab Health – The Perfect Prescription for Remote Consultation

The future of healthcare

As medical resources are soaked up by the demands of Covid-19, there has been increased pressure to reduce face to face interactions. Clinicians need solutions that support the move towards remote processes and provide a safe service that patients can trust and rely on.

Introducing Flabba, offering feature-rich video and telephony one-way and two-way remote patient consultations that enable clinicians to engage safely and more productively with their patients. Now with Flabba, you can remove the need for vulnerable patients to attend clinics in person, without affecting the efficiency of your practice.

More efficient end to end remote consultation workflows

14 Reasons to choose Conflab Healthcare

  1. Live multi participant –  Invite any amount of people to a live online video consultation.
  2. Triage one way consultations – Ensure clinicians use their time most effectively and patients are not kept waiting for unnecessary face to face appointments.
  3. Secure direct messaging – Send secure encrypted direct messages between patient and clinician and or to groups. Includes ability to securely share documentation.
  4. Scheduling/ Booking – Scheduling & booking feature with integrated diary management with messaging and reminders configurable and sent over both email and text format. All bookings are easily viewed from both a clinician’s and a patient virtual waiting room.
  5. Screen share with annotations – Clinicians can share their screen and take notes to be saved to the patient files.
  6. iOS & Android app versions – Enjoy all of the core Flabba features but from within a secure downloadable App for ease of use.
  7. Self service booking – Patients can book live 2-way video consultations, at times convenient to both them and the clinician. Integrated diary management ensures patients cannot book times where clinician is not available.
  8. Automated messaging – Messages and reminders are automatically sent out to participants throughout the process. Patients and clinicians are prompted to attend consultations and to provide required documentation ready for upcoming consultations.
  9. In call document referencing – Upload documents, scans & X-rays to be reviewed during consultations, verify and digitally sign documents through the Conflab Healthcare platform
  10. Replay, review & rating – Securely collaboration with clinical colleagues. Ask them to Review, by replaying the recording, adding their own notes and rating the responses, enabling greater degree of diligence.
  11. Structured questions – Pre-define questions to be discussed during a consultation, ensuring standardisation and enabling ‘fastforward’ to particular section of recording during review or audit process.
  12. Note taking – Medical notes can be taken during a video consultation. Notes are stored against the consultation, clinic and patient record and can be downloaded into a PDF.
  13. Recording of video & tele – Video & audio media can be securely recorded and stored against the clinic and patient record for easy retrieval. Choose to record video & audio, audio only or turn it off as required.
  14. Time stamping – As a new question or topic is discussed during a consultation, Conflab Healthcare automatically creates a time stamp on the recording, ensuring that you can easily find the relevant information when you review the consultation.

Conflab Health


Conflab Health enables you to take advantage of workflows and the automation of business processes. Drive efficiency, save costs and improve patient care. Using simple tools for booking and scheduling appointments and document management to ensure you and your patients have easy access to essential documents and medical images.

Combine this with interactive audio and video recording and streaming, to provide a unique and s lick solution to managing your remote patient consultations.

Fewer missed appointments – Remote patient consultations are an essential tool to reduce waiting times, clear back logs and b ring a personal service back to healthcare

Bring healthcare into the home –  Conduct comprehensive consultations with your patients as if you were right there next to them. Bring health care right into the homes of those who need it.


Stakeholder benefits

Clinicians benefits
  • Offer flexible & convenient healthcare
  • Reduce your ‘Did Not Attends’
  • Reduce & clear waiting lists
  • Collaborate with colleagues securely
  • Record & store video consultations for easy reference
  • Easy & secure messaging to stay in touch with your patients
Patient benefits
  • Easy & flexible way to connect with your clinician
  • Save time & travel Conduct your appointment at time convenient to you
  • Direct messaging to your healthcare provider
  • View all previous consultations & supporting medical documents within the app

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