Zoom Rooms for Touch

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Cloud-based Video Conferencing for Large Interactive Displays

Zoom Rooms for Touch is a Zoom Rooms software integrated into a certified touchscreen display, where you can control the meeting, start a whiteboard session and collaborate with touch.

  • Instantly start a collaboration session, complete with shared content and flawless video
  • Brainstorm with your entire team utilizing the latest touch technology options
  • Share and collaborate on content with screen sharing and whiteboarding
  • Dual monitor setup enables 1 touch screen monitor for control, and one regular monitor for video

This simple Zoom Rooms solution improves collaboration for those who benefit from annotation features, are more hands on, or for creativity spaces where teamwork and brainstorming is commonplace.

Zoom Rooms for Touch example display

Realtime Screen Annotation and Whiteboarding

Enhance your Zoom Rooms experience with integrated interactive displays. Pick up your whiteboarding pen in the meeting room and immediately begin annotating over the top of any screen sharing session for all to see – in person and remote. Zoom Rooms for Touch and our recommended integrator boards from Avocor make realtime annotation simple.

See Zoom Rooms for Touch in Action!

VideoCentric, a certified UK Zoom Zooms integrator, have demonstration facilities in central London and the Thames Valley to demonstrate Zoom Rooms for Touch on our recommended interactive displays from Avocor. We can also demonstrate Zoom Rooms with Poly and Logitech accessories, alongside improved audio for Zoom, in an end-to-end demonstration between multiple locations.

Get in touch to join us for a coffee or a beer and to see for yourself, how to integrate Zoom into your Rooms.

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