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There’s nothing more frustrating for a home worker than coming into the office and finding there are no meeting rooms available. You want to make effective use of your time when you go into the office so you can connect with colleagues, share ideas and make joint decisions. However, Facilities Managers want to get the best from the space they have and minimise the overhead involved in providing and managingmeeting rooms so they can make effective use of budgets.

Go Bright provides a modular management platform for all of your meeting spaces, desk booking and visitor management. The platform can be integrated with all of the major platforms including Exchange, O365 and Google to deliver an adaptable platform packed with features to enhance your workplace utilisation and user experience. Go Bright is the perfect platform for any business focused on enhancing workplace experience, managing their real estate, using or considering agile working. The most important elements of the Go Bright platform include the ability to customise the experience and management tools based upon what is important to your business and the subsequent data drives future decisionmaking and investment into enhancing your workplace resources and experience.


Check the availability of a room in the blink of an eye and book it within seconds. GoBright Room Booking effectively helps in the optimal use of all rooms. So searching for a room, unnecessary empty rooms, interruptions during the meeting and dual bookings are an issue of the past.


Because of the social distancing measures, you will probably have to reduce the capacity of your meeting rooms. For example, a room for ten people is now only suitable for six persons. You can enter this new capacity in the GoBright portal. When someone is searching a meeting room, only available rooms based on the new capacity will be shown. The new capacity will also be displayed on the Room Display, in Outlook and Office 365. This guarantees that your employees always book a safe and social distancing proof room.

Gobright Control prevents touching remote controls and the presentation display. Users only need to touch the small control display. This saves cleaning. Combined with a sensor, no physical actions are needed at all. A few minutes before the start of the meeting, the lights and presentation display turn on automatically.

When using the room sensor, users also do not have to check in on the room display by hand. This happens automatically when someone walks into the room.


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GoBright - Meet - Control
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