Poly Launches 4K G7500 Video and Content Collaboration System

News item: June 12, 2019
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Poly  (formerly Plantronics and Polycom) (PLT), have today announced the Poly G7500 Video Conferencing system, a collaboration device that combines content collaboration and video conferencing capabilities into one single device. The Poly G7500 integrates Poly’s legendary advanced audio features, dual wireless content sharing and Ultra HD 4K video, to create an immersive audio and video experience for mid to large sized conferencing rooms.

“Not only are we spending more time in meetings than just a few years ago, we’re collaborating in different ways than before with the rise of remote workers, open office floor plans and increasingly global workforces.All of these factors are generating demand for video conferencing solutions that make meetings more productive and are as real as face-to-face. Poly developed G7500 with these factors in mind – simplicity, clarity and limitless possibility. Your focus stays on the meeting, while our technology steps quietly into the background.”

Chris Thorson, senior director of global solutions marketing, Poly.

The Poly G7500 puts 4K collaboration into the centre of the experience, with customisable user interfaces for both touch and non-touch sensitive displays. The Poly G7500 also includes annotation and whiteboarding features that can be captured and shared from the system. By combining high quality video conferencing and wireless content sharing in one solution, the Poly G7500 enables multiple meeting participants to share their content from any device they choose, making meetings far more productive than ever before.

The Poly G7500 also enables teams to share their ideas and drawings in detail, and ultra HD 4K video promises four times the quality in video calls as previously experienced.

“The advancements and capabilities of the G7500 will dramatically improve the quality of our surgical education and training program. With 4K resolution, we are one step closer to viewing the procedure as though it’s through the surgeon’s eyes.”

– Professor Dr. Wilko Grolman, an otolaryngologist based in the Netherlands.

The Poly G7500 has the flexibility to connect to any cloud-based video platform or ecosystem supplied by VideoCentric, including Zoom, Lifesize, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, through Poly’s RealConnect Service.

The Poly G7500 adds to Poly’s powerful video and content solutions for the workplace. Poly’s latest solutions including the EagleEye Cube, the Poly Studio and Poly Trio for Microsoft Teams can all be demo’ed and trialled at VideoCentric’s HQ in Wokingham – get in touch to arrange a demonstration of the latest in 4K Collaboration solutions.



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