Neat is Buzzing at Microsoft Ignite

News item: October 13, 2022
Neat Frame

Neat are excited to announce their portrait-orientated video system, the Neat Frame, alongside the Neat Bar Pro, have now been officially certified for Microsoft Teams.

It was only recently that Neat announced certification for the Neat Board, Neat Pad and Neat Bar for Microsoft Teams, and now Neat is super stoked to announce that its entire portfolio is now certified!

Now that Neat’s entire product portfolio is certified for Teams, every business can ensure every workspace has a flexible video option to collaborate and create.

Microsoft Teams organisations have been eagerly awaiting a whole range of reliable devices for simple, rich video meetings for their meeting spaces. The extraordinary pace of certification is thanks to the Neat R&D team and design driven urge to expand the depths of video possibility.


Neat Frame

What is the new Neat Frame?

Neat Frame is a first-of-its-kind portrait orientated video solution. Unique and effective for many individuals current ways of working, Neat Frame allows you to make and receive calls via phone or video, pair with your desktop or laptop and work in adaptable environments including hot desks and home scenarios. With a 4x digital zoom and wide-angled camera at eye level with unique framing capabilities, your meetings feel natural and engaging compared to a laptop meeting. With a 15.6 inch HD multi-touch screen, you have a whole range of controls at your fingertips, including viewing your camera, pinch to zoom or open up files and share from your one-drive in an instant.


To find out more about this exciting new announcement from Neat, take a look a the Neat press release here >> 

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