Zoom Certified Room Systems

A dedicated Zoom Rooms System is an excellent solution for conferencing environments that utilize Zoom for video meetings and collaboration. A Zoom Rooms System typically includes a touch control console, mini-computer or video codec, camera, and audio device(s) all together to make Zoom meetings a seamless and consistently high quality experience.

The touch control console makes starting/joining meetings and adjusting settings simple and easy, while the high-end mini-computer or video codec, camera, and audio devices capture and transmit audio and video in high definition quality. Outfitting your meeting environments with a Zoom Rooms System is a great choice to enhance Zoom video collaboration.

The following list highlights all available fully certified Zoom Rooms solutions. We are able to offer remote live demonstrations on a selection of these products – get in touch to find out more.



Poly X30


The Poly Studio X30 is the smaller solution from the X Series, designed for smaller meeting rooms and a single display.

  • Simple setup gets rooms up and running in moments
  • No PC or Mac required, with cloud service platform support built in
  • Ideal for rooms of up to four participants
  • Compact, lightweight design easily fits on top of display

Poly X50

Poly Studio X50 and TC8, All-in-One, 4K Video System_media-1

In small- and medium-sized rooms, connect the X-50 easily with whatever video collaboration software you may use. Experience full boardroom-quality audio, advanced camera capabilities, and quick wireless content—all in one sleek video bar. And say goodbye to unnecessary pucks, cords, and cables, along with the PC or Mac to drive the meeting, since the Poly Video OS runs the show. Easy to install, easy to manage.

  • Ideal for rooms of up to 10 participants
  • Surround everyone with the rich, legendary sound with stereo speakers that deliver immersive, room-filling audio
  • Dual monitor support ensures you have the ideal setup for many types of rooms
  • Be heard clearly with our next generation microphone array

Poly G7500

Share wireless content in 4K, with crisp detail never seen before integrated into a meeting room Video system.

  • Easy wireless content sharing for every meeting, whether local content or in a video call.
  • Anyone can share content without special apps or tools
  • Two content streams can be shared at once
  • Content annotation and digital whiteboarding make it easy to mark up documents, make notes and save it all when done to avoid losing key points.


Logitech Rally Bar + TAP



Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom include everything you need to build out conference rooms with one or two displays. Available in small, medium, and large configurations, Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom come pre-configured with a Zoom-approved mini PC, a Logitech conferencecam with RightSense™ technologies, a PC mount with cable retention, and the Logitech Tap touch controller.


Yealink A20

Yealink ZVC300

The ZVC300 is ideal for focus and small rooms, where space is limited, and a low-cost camera and speaker/mic is required to improve on what could be achieved by a webcam.

Yealink ZVC400

The ZVC 400 camera has a 133 ° field of view making it ideal for rooms where the users are sat close to the camera or the table is set widthways to the camera and TV. The camera has enhanced features such as speaker tracking and group framing and can be controlled from the touch panel.

Yealink ZVC500

Yealink ZVC500 Zoom Rooms Kit includes an UVC50 optical PTZ camera, the uniting microphones, speaker and meeting console all in one with CP960, and the MCore mini-PC, all of these make it perfectly suitable for small and medium meeting rooms.

Yealink ZVC800

The ZVC 800 is offered with a choice of two wired or two wireless DECT microphones and a 12x optical PTZ camera meet the requirements of larger meeting rooms.

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