Yealink ZVC 500 – Zoom Rooms Solution


For small and medium rooms of up for 10 users.

Yealink ZVC500 Zoom Rooms Kit includes an UVC50 optical PTZ camera, the uniting microphones, speaker and meeting console all in one with CP960, and the MCore mini-PC, all of these make it perfectly suitable for small and medium meeting rooms.

Unlike the ZVC 400 and other digital (ePTZ) camera systems which process their video image from a wide angle capture, the PTZ camera deployed on the ZVC500 uses motors to physically adjust the optical camera’s aim and zoom creating a better image in rooms that are longer than they are wide.

Similarly, the ZVC 500’s microphones are tabletop based, extending the pick-up range right to where the participants are located, for louder, clearer reception by the far-end.

Users can share presentation content in three ways…. 1) from their own laptop by plugging it directly into the touch panel on a USB-C cable, or with HDMI adapter, 2) from their own device by inserting a wireless sharing transmitter (WPP20) into a spare USB port and pressing the send button, or 3) using a shared room PC or Interactive Whiteboard, or 3rd party wireless sharing devices (e.g. Clickshare, Logitech Share, Pano etc) or a specialist digital peripheral such as a medical scanner, microscope or document camera, through a presentation hub option.

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