Microsoft Signature Teams Room at VideoCentric

News item: May 10, 2023

The Microsoft Signature Teams Room, available now at VideoCentric.

  • The traditional meeting room is redesigned with the Hybrid Experience in mind.
  • More inclusive and engaging for remote and meeting room participants
  • The ultra-wide display goes on the long wall
  • An opportunity to rethink the shape of your meeting room table
  • AI camera processing for more intelligent framing & resizing of people
  • Gallery Layout, AKA Front-Row
  • A focus on presentation, collaboration & inclusive chat


According to Microsoft … “Signature Teams Rooms are not meant to be a replacement for all other meeting spaces inside your organization, but rather to act as a supplement to existing meeting spaces that utilize Microsoft Teams. They should be deployed strategically within your organization to the spaces and locations where face-to-face interactions with remote meeting participants will be most valued”.

VideoCentric’s policy is to “Demonstrate everything it sells” which includes traditional MTRs from each of the world’s leading manufacturers certified by Microsoft (ie Poly, Yealink, Logitech, Neat, Lenovo, HP and others) and so from March 2023, it will also be demonstrating for the first time, at a UK reseller premises, the Signature solution for MS Teams Rooms.

A fundamental difference between traditional MTRs that rely on displays with 16:9 wide-screen aspect, is the use of ultra-widescreen 21:9 format for “front-row” video layouts.

VideoCentric’s sales engineers, technical sales consultants, helpdesk and installation engineers have immediate access to equipment at its premises in Wokingham near Reading and further demonstration facilities will be set up in Leeds and central London. Facilities are already in place using 81” and 105” Jupiter Pana 21:9 displays each of which are available in passive and interactive touch variants.

Watch this space for further announcements from VideoCentric …

  1. Microsoft’s certification of a whole new range of Cisco Webex solutions which will default to Teams.
  2. “3-screen” MS Teams Room demonstrations, coming soon at VideoCentric Thames Valley suite.
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