Download: Digitising Higher Education: Improve Outcomes & Enhance Experiences

Cisco has a highly experienced, dedicated Education and Research Team within its UK Public Sector division. The team works alongside VideoCentric to help universities, colleges, schools and academies develop and deliver successful digital strategies in order to meet obligations and achieve their desired business outcomes.

It is widely known that modern organisations need a digital strategy if it is to achieve its business goals; and universities are of no exception.

Cisco have created this whitepaper to help explain why this is the case, and have set out the opportunities that surround the use of digital technology, and the security threats if it is ignored. 

This paper also explains in some detail why a digital strategy is so important to today’s modern university, and suggests that it should sit alongside and supplement existing business plans. The paper also highlights the main components of such a strategy, and where Cisco and  partners have delivered digital technology that is offering real business value.

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