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Download: Pro Football Hall of Fame Keeps the Sport Alive— Even During the Game- Changing COVID-19 Case Study

As we all struggle with COVID-19’s immediate impact on businesses and employees, it’s important to remember the effects that the coronavirus is also having on our major cultural institutions. Concert halls and Broadway shows have gone dark. First-run movies aren’t debuting in theaters. The 2020 Summer Olympics has been postponed indefinitely. And this year’s professional sports seasons might be canceled as well. But for the staff behind the Pro Football Hall of Fame, nothing— not even a worldwide pandemic —will stop them from carrying out their mission to honor the legacies of exceptional figures in the sport by enshrining them in the Hall of Fame. Fortunately, even before anyone had heard of the novel coronavirus, the organization had already switched to a cloudbased, work-from-anywhere communications solution. Read the full case study here…

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