Poly Unveils Studio X Series Video Bars for a Native Zoom Experience

News item: October 31, 2019
Polycom Studio Huddle Room Video Bar

Poly (Plantronics and Polycom) have announced a range of video conferencing endpoints that simplify the video conferencing experience for Zoom Rooms. Poly has announced two all-in-one video bars, the Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50.

he Poly Studio X Series does not require an external PC or Mac to drive the Zoom Rooms experience and features new Poly Meeting AI capabilities for breakthrough audio and video experiences built on machine learning and artificial intelligence. In addition, Poly announced that the G7500 video operating system will also support the Zoom Rooms experience natively.  

“Customers love Zoom because it offers an unparalleled video experience – and now with the Poly Studio X Series, using Zoom in a huddle room or conference room becomes even easier and more powerful. A conference room with a single purpose-built device running Zoom means customers get simplicity, ease-of-use, and innovation at their fingertips – core tenets of our Zoom product offering.”

– Eric S. Yuan, CEO, Zoom.

The Poly Studio X30

Ideal for room of up to 4 participants, the Poly Studio X30 has been designed for small offices or huddle rooms, and supports 4K Ultra HD video and built-in wireless content sharing capabilities, all in a simple and compact design. Voices are crisp and clear, thanks to a beamforming microphone array and acoustic chamber design. Built-in, wireless content sharing lets users share from their devices without the need for cables or pucks

The Poly Studio X50 has been designed for rooms of up to 8 participants, and is the larger of the two X Series solutions. Experience full boardroom-quality audio, advanced camera capabilities with 4K UHD and 5x zoom camera, and quick wireless content—all in one sleek video bar. And say goodbye to unnecessary pucks, cords, and cables, along with the PC or Mac to drive the meeting, since the Poly Video OS runs the show. Easy to install, easy to manage.

G7500 for Zoom

Poly also announced that its G7500 video endpoint for mid- to large-sized conference rooms will run the Zoom Rooms app natively. The Poly G7500 combines content collaboration and video conferencing capabilities in one device, integrating advanced audio features, wireless content sharing and 4K UHD video. The G7500 can be combined with an array of camera, microphone and display options for an immersive audio and video experience in larger conference rooms and training rooms.

VideoCentric expect to provide pricing and trials for the X30 and X50 systems from December, with the G7500 update available for customers in December also. Get in touch with VideoCentric to find out more about the entire range of Poly products and Zoom Room integration products that we offer.

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