The launch of Neat Center – 360 degree Companion Device

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Neat Center, the latest addition to our innovative line-up at VideoCentric.

As a leading supplier of Neat products, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce this companion device that promises to revolutionise the hybrid meeting experience.

If you’re eager to learn more about this ground-breaking technology, don’t miss the original blog post by Simon Anthony Walker on Nov 20, 2023 – “Enjoy Superb Hybrid Work Meetings with Neat Center.”

Neat Center is designed to create a sense of togetherness, ensuring that remote attendees feel as if they are right there at the table with their in-office counterparts. The difference in experience is truly remarkable.

Hybrid teams face the challenge of not always having everyone physically present in the same room. Neat Center addresses this issue by providing advanced video technology that simulates the feeling of being together, breaking down the digital barriers that can hinder collaboration. It’s the perfect solution for teams looking to enhance the natural, relaxed, and inclusive atmosphere of in-person meetings even when working remotely.

In this exclusive demo video, witness first-hand how Neat Center seamlessly integrates with Neat Bar Pro and incorporates our pioneering Neat Boundary and Neat Symmetry features. These innovations create a more natural, inclusive, and focused hybrid meeting environment that is sure to elevate your team’s collaboration.





What sets Neat Center apart is its ability to bring remote attendees to the center of the conversation.

Equipped with a 360° 3x lens camera, a 16x omnidirectional mic array, and advanced AI, this companion device ensures that remote participants don’t miss a single detail. By providing a closer, more natural audio-visual perspective, Neat Center allows remote team members to feel fully engaged, as if they were physically present in the meeting room.

Setting up Neat Center is a breeze, with a single cable for network and power.

Its highly flexible, self-calibrating design allows you to position it anywhere in the room, ensuring that everyone is seen and heard clearly. Whether on the meeting room table or suspended above, Neat Center adapts to your space and use cases, making it an ideal solution for Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings.

Pre-orders for Neat Center are now open!

To delve deeper into the features and benefits of Neat Center – Click Here!

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your hybrid meetings into inspiring, productive, and rewarding experiences for both remote and in-office teams.

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