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Introducing Neat Center – your ideal companion for meeting rooms.

This innovative device guarantees that remote participants are always at the heart of the conversation by providing a clear, face-on view of everyone in the room, ensuring a fully inclusive meeting experience. With easy setup and versatile positioning options, Neat Center enhances the capabilities of your Neat devices and Symmetry, bringing you an unparalleled hybrid meeting experience like never before. Enjoy optimal viewing and audio, making every meeting a seamless and equitable encounter.


Enhanced Meeting Experience: Transform the way remote attendees participate in meetings with an all-encompassing vision. Our cutting-edge technology provides a broader and immersive 360° visual experience, even when the participants in the room are conversing among themselves and facing away from the primary video device.

Crystal-Clear Audio: Revolutionise audio clarity for remote participants with an advanced omnidirectional 16x microphone array. This ensures optimal audio pickup throughout the entire meeting room, enabling remote attendees to hear every conversation with utmost clarity.

Effortless Setup: Simplify the installation process with Neat Center. Just a single plug-in network and power cable are all you need to get started, making it incredibly easy to set up and get your meetings up and running in no time.

Versatile Placement: Neat Center’s design allows for flexible placement options. Whether you prefer placing it on the meeting table, mounting it on the wall, or suspending it from the ceiling, it adapts seamlessly to your meeting space, providing an ideal setup for everyone involved.

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Pricing - Stand Alone Unit - Monthly

NEATCENTRE-SE Neat.Centre Camera. £60.94

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Monthly fee is ex-VAT and based on 36 monthly repayments. Options of 12, 24, 48 and 60 month repayments are available.

Subject to financial status

Did you know?  Corporation tax payers can offset the monthly fees against annual accounts thereby saving 19-26.5% versus an up-front capital purchase.
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