VideoCentric’s transition of Poly SKUs to HP

The acquisition of Poly (ex Polycom and Plantronics) was announced in August 2022 – Click here for the full acquisition release.

In November 2023 began the transitioning of the old Poly part numbers to those of HP.

VideoCentric is now supporting both sets of SKUs in its ordering system. Depending upon how much stock is in the channel, the delivery paperwork and packaging you receive either of the two codes.

Below is a summary of those SKUs supported by VideoCentric together with a set of frequently asked questions.

2200-85980-102 83Z45AA#ABU VC-POLY-X30-REM Poly Studio X30 VideoBar + Remote.
2200-86260-102 83Z46AA#ABU VC-POLY-X30-TC8 Poly Studio X30 VideoBar + TC8 touch controller.
2200-85970-102 83Z44AA#ABU VC-POLY-X50-REM Poly Studio X50 VideoBar + Remote.
2200-86270-102 83Z47AA#ABU VC-POLY-X50-TC8 Poly Studio X50 VideoBar + TC8 touch controller.
7200-87620-102 8D8K2AA#ABU VC-POLY-X52-REM Poly Studio X52 VideoBar + Remote.
7200-88085-102 8D8L1AA#ABU VC-POLY-X52-TC10 Poly Studio X52 VideoBar + TC10 touch controller.
7200-87290-102 83Z51AA#ABU VC-POLY-X70-REM Poly Studio X70 VideoBar + Remote.
7200-87300-102 83Z52AA#ABU VC-POLY-X70-TC8 Poly Studio X70 VideoBar + TC8 8″ touch controller.
7200-88155-102 8L531AA#ABU VC-POLY-X70-TC10 Poly Studio X70 VideoBar + TC10 10″ touch controller.
7200-85860-102 83Z50AA#AB5 POLY-G7500-BASE Poly G7500-BASE Codec only with bluetooth remote controller.
7200-88280-102 92L53AA#ABU POLY-G7500-E70 Poly G7500-E70 Bundle with E70 Camera & TC10 Touch Controller (black).
2200-85250-001 874R3AA MIC-POLY-G7500-TIP Poly IP Tabletop Microphone Array for G7500.
2215-85360-001 875S1AA MIC-POLY-G7500-CIP Poly IP Ceiling Microphone Array for G7500.
2200-69631-001 875M8AA MIC-POLY-STUDIO Poly Tabletop Microphone for Studio X50, X70 & Studio-USB.
2200-87840-001 875M6AA MIC-POLY-STUDIO-X52 Poly Tabletop Microphone for Studio X52.
2215-63885-001 93S74AA MIC-POLY-TABLE-RPG Poly Tabletop Microphone for RealPresence Group series.
2200-87070-001 76U43AA CAM-POLY-STUDIO-P5 Poly P5 Personal Webcam.
2200-87100-102 760Q9AA#ABU CAM-POLY-STUDIO-P21 Poly P21 All-in-One Desktop System.
2200-69370-102 842D1AA#ABU CAM-POLY-STUDIO-P15 Poly P15 Meeting Bar for BYOD.
2200-69390-102 842D2AA#ABU CAM-POLY-STUDIO-R30 Poly R30 Meeting Bar for BYOD.
7200-85830-102 842D4AA#ABU CAM-POLY-STUDIO-USB Poly Studio USB Meeting Bar for BYOD.
2200-87090-001 842F8AA CAM-POLY-STUDIO-E70 Poly E70 Camera.
2457-30757-110 875H1AA CAB-POLY-USB31-100 Poly E70 Camera – 10m active optical USB3.1 (Gen2) cable.
2457-30757-125 875H3AA CAB-POLY-USB31-250 Poly E70 Camera – 25m active optical USB3.1 (Gen2) cable.
2457-30757-140 875H4AA CAB-POLY-USB31-400 Poly E70 Camera – 40m active optical USB3.1 (Gen2) cable.
2201-52885-001 874R8AA REM-BLUETOOTH Poly Remote Controller for Studio X50, X30 & G7500. Bluetooth.
2201-52889-001 875L4AA REM-STUDIO Poly Remote Controller for Studio USB & R30.
2-220995-205 8L561AA#ABB HS-PLA-SAVI-7310 Poly SAVI 7310 Wireless DECT Mono Secure Headset with charging stand.
214777-05 8D3F7AA#ABB HS-PLA-SAVI-7320 Poly SAVI 7320 Wireless DECT Stereo Secure Headset with charging stand.
2-221110-205 8L593AA#ABB HS-PLA-SAVI-7410 Poly SAVI 7410 Wireless DECT Mono Headset with illuminated charging stand.
2-221112-205 8L574AA#ABB HS-PLA-SAVI-7420 Poly SAVI 7420 Wireless DECT Stereo Headset with illuminated charging stand.
209212-02 8D3F1AA#ABB HS-PLA-SAVI-8210 Poly SAVI 8210 Wireless DECT Mono Headset.
209214-02 8D3F5AA#ABB HS-PLA-SAVI-8220 Poly SAVI 8220 Wireless DECT Stereo Headset.
2-221102-205 8L5A9AA#ABB HS-PLA-SAVI-8410 Poly SAVI 8410 Wireless DECT Mono Headset with illuminated charging stand.
2-221104-205 8L5B3AA#ABB HS-PLA-SAVI-8420 Poly SAVI 8420 Wireless DECT Stereo Headset with illuminated charging stand.
2-221108-205 8L5B6AA#ABB HS-PLA-SAVI-8445 Poly SAVI 8445 Wireless DECT Over-theEar Headset with charging stand.
217402-05 8Y9B6AA#ABB HS-PLA-SAVI-7310-NC Poly SAVI 7310 Wireless DECT Headset (no charging stand).
217403-05 8Y9B7AA#ABB HS-PLA-SAVI-7320-NC Poly SAVI 7320 Wireless DECT Headset (no charging stand).
218475-01 76U49AA HS-PLA-VUC-4320 Poly Voyager 4320 UC Bluetooth Stereo Headset without charging stand
206110-101 7K2E1AA HS-PLA-VUC-5200 Poly Voyager 5200 UC Bluetooth Mono Headset.
208748-101 7D7G5AA HS-PLA-VUC-B6200 Poly Voyager 6200 UC Bluetooth Stereo Headset.
219654-01 772C3AA POLY-SYNC-10 Poly Sync 10 Personal USB Speakerphone.
219656-01 77P34AA POLY-SYNC-10MS Poly Sync 10 Personal USB Speakerphone for MS Teams.
216866-01 772C8AA POLY-SYNC-20A Poly Sync 20 USB-A Speakerphone for MS Teams.
216868-01 7F0J7AA POLY-SYNC-20C Poly Sync 20 USB-C Speakerphone for MS Teams.
216867-01 772C9AA POLY-SYNC-20A+ Poly Sync 20+ Bluetooth/USB-A Speakerphone for MS Teams.
216869-01 772D0AA POLY-SYNC-20C+ Poly Sync 20+ Bluetooth/USB-C Speakerphone for MS Teams.
216874-01 772C4AA POLY-SYNC-40 Poly Sync 40 USBA&C Speakerphone.
216875-01 77P35AA POLY-SYNC-40MS Poly Sync 40 USBA&C Speakerphone for MS Teams.
218765-01 772C5AA POLY-SYNC-40+ Poly Sync 40+ Bluetooth/USBA&C Speakerphone.
218764-01 77P36AA POLY-SYNC-40+MS Poly Sync 40+ Bluetooth/USBA&C Speakerphone for MS Teams.
216872-01 772C2AA POLY-SYNC-60 Poly Sync 60 USBA&C Speakerphone.
216873-01 77P41AA POLY-SYNC-60MS Poly Sync 60 USBA&C Speakerphone for MS Teams.
204880-01 85Q81AA POLY-BT600-USBA Poly BT600-A Bluetooth dongle (USB-A) for Sync 20 or Sync 40
211249-01 85Q85AA POLY-BT600-USBC Poly BT600-C Bluetooth dongle (USB-C) for Sync 20 or Sync 40
217877-01 786C4AA POLY-BT700-USBA Poly BT700-A Bluetooth dongle (USB-A) for Sync 60
217878-01 786C5AA POLY-BT700-USBC Poly BT700-C Bluetooth dongle (USB-C) for Sync 60
2200-86630-025 849B4AA#ABB TRIO-C60 Poly Trio C60 SpeakerPhone.
2200-86590-019 849B6AA#ABB TRIO-C60-MS Poly Trio C60 SpeakerPhone for MS Teams.
2200-86680-102 85X03AA#ABU TRIO-PSU-C60 Poly Trio C60 Power Kit option.
2200-86430-001 85X02AA TRIO-MICS-C60 Poly Trio C60 Tabletop Microphones (pair) option.


Q: When will ordering be exclusively with the HP SKUs?
A:  Although Poly and HP have announced that they will run both sets of codes in tandem from 1st November 2023 for 6 months. VideoCentric quotes use its own part codes and we will make the translation for you, as long as necessary.

Q: If I place an order with using a HP part code, is there a chance I will receive a Poly labelled product?
A: Yes, if stock in the channel still exists with Poly SKUs. We will fulfil your order as quickly as possible using either Poly or HP SKU.

Q: If I submit a return request for a Poly labelled product, could I receive a HP labelled product as a replacement?
A: Yes, once stocks of Poly SKUs are exhausted, there may be a mixture held in maintenance stock for the foreseeable future.

Q: What maintenance support should I be ordering with my products?
A: VideoCentric’s Gold and Platinum SLA services are unchanged as far as end customers are concerned. The back-up support VideoCentric receives from HP will use the new SKUs but these are invisible to customers who will continue to use VideoCentric codes.

Q: Will the branding on the products be changing?
A: No because Poly will remain as a brand within the HP portfolio. Therefore, all products and packaging will keep the Poly branding.

Q: Will Poly LENs change?
A: No, the LENS Management Portal remains under the Poly brand. However, it is possible that it will be merged with HP’s own portal after 30th April 2024. HP has yet to confirm.

Q: Will VideoCentric still offer Poly MTRs on Windows, based on Lenovo and Dell PC platforms?
A: No, VideoCentric has now removed all PC platforms other than HP. Not only for Microsoft Teams but also Zoom Rooms.

Q: Will HP still offer Android-based Poly video bars for platforms other than Teams and Zoom?
A: Yes, HP will continue to offer Poly Studio X series systems and G7500 for MS Teams Room, Zoom Rooms, Google Meet, SIP and H.323 via Poly’s Video App mode, hosting of 3rd party apps such as BlueJeans, GoTo and RingCentral as well as BYOD & BYOM desktop applications via USB Device Mode. All will remain available through VideoCentric.

Q: Is VideoCentric already signed up as a certified HP partner?

A: Yes, VideoCentric was formally onboarded to the HP Business Partner Programme in October 2023 and has been assigned an HP Account Manager who we will introduce to you on a project-by-project basis where required. The VideoCentric/HP partnership offers you far more value than simple online sales. Talk to us about your complex project requirements and let us design, develop, implement, and support your solution for you, whether it be local, nationwide or global.

If you have specific questions that we haven’t answered please contact us!


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