VideoCentric Solutions for your Microsoft UC Environment

VideoCentric’s Comprehensive Solutions Enhance Microsoft UC Environments

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective communication is crucial for success. Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) platforms have become indispensable, providing a suite of tools for seamless collaboration. However, the challenge lies in ensuring interoperability across various communication channels and devices. This is where VideoCentric’s innovative solutions come into play, addressing the complexities and limitations associated with Microsoft UC environments.

Bridging the Communication Divide

VideoCentric offers interconnect solutions that empower organisations to collaborate seamlessly both internally and externally. Whether it’s communication between meeting rooms, desktops, laptops, or mobile devices, their solutions facilitate professional collaboration. The aim is to enable users to leverage the exceptional features of Microsoft UC platforms alongside world-leading communication solutions, ensuring communication is accessible to everyone, regardless of location or device preference.

Overcoming Telephony Limitations and Enhancing Communication Quality

One of the key challenges in UC environments is overcoming limitations in telephony features, interoperability standards, audio quality, federation, and video layouts. VideoCentric’s solutions address these challenges head-on, improving the overall quality of communications in meeting spaces. The goal is to allow customers, suppliers, agents, and mobile workforce using non-Microsoft technologies to seamlessly communicate with Microsoft-based staff.

A Phased Approach for Smooth Deployment

Recognising the risks associated with a full on-premise switch over, VideoCentric advocates for a phased deployment strategy. This not only avoids disruptive “big bang” transitions but also encourages user adoption by introducing features gradually. From O365 deployment to SD-WAN, broadband, wireless, security, analytics, and performance services, VideoCentric ensures a fully planned, expertly delivered, and long-term high-performance communications platform.

Comprehensive Integration for Every Room

VideoCentric’s solutions extend to the meeting room, huddle room, boardroom, and executive suite. They offer devices for direct integration with Microsoft, providing enterprise-grade video, voice, and collaboration experiences in every room. The range of solutions caters to Teams, ensuring seamless communication with existing investments, partners, customers, and clients.

Removing Interoperability Islands

VideoCentric’s solutions go beyond merely enhancing internal communication. By removing islands of interoperability, they enable Microsoft environments to communicate seamlessly with the rest of the world. The integration of Teams ensures a unified communication experience, fostering collaboration on a global scale.

Elevating Video Collaboration

Enhanced features for professional video collaboration include large multipoint conferences and improved layouts such as continuous presence, touch controllers, calendar integration, and innovative camera tracking solutions. HD-Voice solutions and advanced audio technologies from vendors like Plantronics (Polycom) ensure unparalleled audio clarity, overcoming the limitations of PC-based technologies in meeting rooms.

Expert Guidance and Support

VideoCentric offers comprehensive support throughout the deployment process. Microsoft Gold Certified solution architects, consultants, engineers, and technicians collaborate to assist organisations in deploying Teams successfully.

Empowering Microsoft Communications with VideoCentric

For organisations looking to add Teams connectivity to their meeting rooms, VideoCentric’s solutions provide the means to enhance interoperability and improve Microsoft Communications deployment. With high-quality video, audio, and data communications in the cloud, VideoCentric empowers businesses to communicate effectively in the modern digital landscape.

Get in touch with VideoCentric today to elevate your Microsoft UC environment and unlock the full potential of seamless communication.

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