Unlock the Full Potential of Hybrid Meetings with Teams Rooms & Co-Pilot

In the quest for optimising team productivity and fostering quick, informed decisions, organisations are increasingly turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Microsoft Co-pilot has emerged as a game-changer for many, offering clarity, faster updates, and sparking new ideas. While individual users have found Co-pilot transformative. The challenge for teams lies in harnessing the insights generated during meetings for effective strategy, actionable items, and decision-making.

So, how can you efficiently capture and follow up on key outcomes from your team discussions?

The solution is straightforward: integrate Co-pilot into every space using Teams Rooms.

A significant proportion of Co-pilot users leverage it through Teams. Reporting a substantial boost in productivity, ease of post-meeting action-taking, and a reduction in administrative workload. Co-pilot in Teams allows for specific questioning, seeking clarifications, summarising meeting perspectives, and swiftly organising actions based on meeting transcripts.

To maximize the potential of Co-pilot in Teams for hybrid meetings, it’s crucial that every participant maintains their unique identity, regardless of their location. This is where Teams Rooms devices play a pivotal role. Speaker recognition facilitated by Teams Rooms, ensures that Co-pilot can attribute meeting contributions accurately to individuals. Creating a foundation for intelligent meeting recaps.

Teams Rooms devices employ advanced speaker recognition technology. Analysing vocal characteristics like pitch, tone, and speaking style to create a voiceprint for each participant. This unique voice signature ensures clear voice capture. Allowing Teams Rooms to identify speakers during live transcription in shared meeting spaces. To set up speaker recognition for your employees, a voice profile can be easily configured through the Teams Desktop app, storing voice signatures securely in your organisation’s Microsoft Cloud.

While intelligent speakers certified for Teams currently enable speaker recognition, Microsoft has plans to extend this capability to existing hardware. However, it’s essential to note that the quality may not match that of dedicated intelligent speaker devices, urging organisations to evaluate the advantages of incorporating intelligent speakers, particularly in crucial meeting spaces.

Combining Co-pilot with Teams Rooms devices allows for natural language queries about hybrid meeting details and participants, providing instant answers and insights. The integration ensures that key takeaways from discussions are effortlessly summarised, maintaining each speaker’s identity for a seamless experience for both in-person and remote participants.


Beyond Co-pilot, AI impacts hybrid meetings by enhancing visibility and recognition of all participants. IntelliFrame, utilising intelligent camera technology, focuses on in-room speakers for online attendees, capturing expressions and gestures. Certified intelligent cameras and speakers, coupled with speaker recognition and Co-pilot, create an immersive experience, fostering engagement and team cohesion.

Co-pilot and Teams Rooms form a powerful combination for hybrid meetings, addressing challenges and unlocking the benefits of collaborative AI features. Whether it’s clarifying speakers, extracting meeting insights, ensuring inclusivity, or providing clear participant visibility, this dynamic duo enhances collaboration, engagement, and productivity. Even if Co-pilot isn’t in your toolkit yet, starting with Teams Rooms devices is the first step towards enhancing hybrid work environments, preparing for seamless integration with Co-pilot in the future.

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Certified Systems to use with Co-pilot:

Microsoft Teams Certified Systems – Audio

Microsoft Teams Certified Systems – Cameras

Microsoft Teams Certified Systems – Desktop Systems

Microsoft Teams Certified Systems – MRT on Android

Microsoft Teams Certified Systems – MTR on Windows Systems

Microsoft Teams Certified Systems – Room Booking Panels

Microsoft Teams Certified Systems – Phones


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