Collaboration Solutions for Employee Engagement

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  • If your organisation is looking for ways to improve engagement with employees, perhaps by providing better information access, flexible working options or more ways to participate effectively in meetings, the right Video, Audio and Data Collaboration solutions can have a huge impact and greatly improve engagement with in office, remote and on-the-move employees.

    Video, Audio and Data Collaboration solutions can:

    • Support remote workers, teleworkers and branch offices
    • Deliver training and professional events throughout your organisation, to customers and to suppliers
    • Create effective team workspaces that encourage collaboration with near and dispersed teams

    By improving employee engagement, organisations can reduce staff turnover, increase the knowledge throughout the team and greatly reduce costs associated with training new staff.

    Which Solutions can Help with Employee Engagement?

    To improve Employee Engagement across your organisation, your chosen solution must work, each time, and enable the highest levels of interaction possible. A solution should enable your dispersed teams, homeworkers and remote employees to feel a part of the team, just as they would if they were in the same room.


    Video Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions for Employee Engagement must include:

    • A professional and well featured platform to communicate via that replicates aspects of everyday working, for example a persistent collaboration space such as Cisco Spark or a conferencing platform i.e. Lifesize Cloud
    • Endpoints and technologies at the desktop and in the meeting rooms, that are reliable and extremely simple to use, so that all team members can connect and communicate whenever they need to, with everyone they need to communicate with.
    • Onboarding for users, good quality training and ongoing education to help everyone recognise the importance of utilising the solution
    • Understanding your users needs and patterns through platform analytics, and ensuring that employees continue to interact over time.

    One solution that integrates simplicity, onboarding and training, endpoints, video, audio and data collaboration and analytics is the Lifesize Cloud. Why not kick off a free trial with us today?


    Or speak to us today to discuss how video collaboration and business communication solutions can improve employee engagement within your business.

    Polycom has recently released research results looking into improved productivity and employee engagement. Read the news release here.


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