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    Businesses around the world need to provide a Connected Experience across their organisation, to enable everyone and anyone to communicate and collaborate together, with the same high quality, familiar user experience, on whatever device they choose.

    It is all about simply connecting easy to use meeting room video conferencing systems, desktop users and mobile clients to a simple to use service that provides the “glue” to allow your teams to communicate freely with video, audio and data. No matter where you are, audio, chat, sharing and video conferencing is available to everyone within your team.


    What makes a Connected Workplace Solution?

    Organisations finding the biggest productivity gains from implementing modern day communication tools are those that deploy solutions that connect anyone, anywhere, to their teams, so that employees in multiple locations can work in their normal workflow, wherever and whenever they need to. What is needed to do this?

    • A blend of hardware for meeting rooms & huddle spaces, and software for desktops and mobiles that connects together, seamlessly
    • An excellent user experience that is simple, intuitive & common across the various devices
    • A platform that enables guests to connect, even if using Microsoft Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams or browser based guests
    • A platform that can grow, upgrade & is simple to manage, centrally
    • All the features & functionality required for different types of workers, where they can seamlessly flow between their preferred ways of working.

    And for business, the solution must also be secure, resilient, be well supported by knowledgeable & friendly people, and adapt as new technologies and needs are required.

    Today, anyone considering video communications for their business should be looking for a complete connected experience. Rather than individual components, a miss match of interfaces and confusing technology, a solution needs to be a blend of hardware, software, user experience and a quality service that can be accessed by everyone.

    What is a Connected Conference Room?

    VideoCentric can help you from the start of your journey, or if you are looking to transform the communications available across your business. We are accredited with all the leading manufacturers and SaaS providers, with almost 20 years of experience in helping businesses make their communications great.
    We love to speak with people in person – it helps you see who we are, us to understand your challenges and help you make the right decisions going forwards. We’re not the salesy types either – contact us today to discuss the challenges you face, the outcomes you wish to reach, and the current platforms you have in place, so we can work with you to decide on the best options for your individual needs, and help you spend less, be more productive and excel towards your business goals.


    Solutions for Creating a Connected Experience

    VideoCentric provide a whole range of cloud based Video Conferencing & collaboration services for our customers, with a range of needs and requirements. We can provide simple Virtual Meeting Room solutions (VMR’s) through to an entire enterprise deployment, connecting your meeting rooms, desktops, mobiles, VoIP PBX and more.

    One solution we believe is great for creating a connected experience is through Lifesize, which provides a full array of collaboration features for audio, video and content, simple connectivity, simple by indepth management & analysis, and powerful integration with high quality meeting room Video Conferencing systems – the Lifesize Icon series – and a wonderfully feature rich set of applications for desktops, laptops and mobiles that provide features needed for superb collaboration in the enterprise.

    As an expert Lifesize partner for over 12 years, we’re also in a great position to share with you all of the ins and outs of the platform, the pros and cons, the competition and even enable a trial of not just the service but endpoints for your meeting rooms as well.


    The Lifesize Cloud is available as a number of different plans including the Lifesize Cloud Small, Cloud Medium, and Cloud Large offerings, depending upon the needs of your organisation.

    Lifesize Video Conferencing Solutions

    Or, if you’d like to explore more options, take a look at “Solutions for Small Meeting Rooms and Huddle Spaces” and “Professional Video Conferencing Solutions“.


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