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Efficient room management is vital for any organisation, whether it’s a small start-up or a large multinational corporation. Booking rooms for meetings, conferences, or other events can often become a cumbersome process if not properly organised. This is where room booking systems come into play, offering seamless and hassle-free solutions for scheduling, and managing room reservations.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of room booking systems and shed light on GoBright, a leading provider of innovative room booking solutions.

The Need for Efficient Room Booking Systems:

Gone are the days of pen-and-paper sign-up sheets or juggling multiple email threads to book rooms. Modern workplaces require a digital solution that simplifies the room booking process, saves time, eliminates conflicts, and enhances overall productivity. A comprehensive room booking system can offer the following advantages:

Seamless Reservations: A user-friendly interface allows employees to easily book available rooms, view their availability in real-time, and make instant reservations without any unnecessary delays or complications.

Resource Optimisation: An efficient room booking system helps organisations make the most of their available resources by providing insights into room usage patterns, identifying underutilised spaces, and optimising room allocation.

Avoiding Conflicts: Double bookings or scheduling conflicts can be frustrating and disruptive. A robust room booking system ensures that only available rooms are shown to users, preventing any overlaps or confusion.

Simplified Administration: Room booking systems streamline administrative tasks by automating processes like sending confirmations, managing cancellations, and providing detailed usage reports. Receptionists holding the responsibility for booking meeting rooms is an extra admin task. It can lead to double bookings, favouritism and scheduled meetings being moved to other rooms as favours to others. There is also no record of no shows, meeting rooms booked, statistics etc.

Integration with Existing Tools: Seamless integration with calendars, email systems, and collaboration platforms allows for a unified experience, ensuring that room bookings align with employees’ existing workflows.

GoBright: A Comprehensive Room Booking Solution!!

GoBright is a market-leading provider of room booking solutions that revolutionise the way organisations manage their meeting spaces. Their innovative platform offers a wide range of features designed to enhance efficiency, optimise resource allocation, and improve overall user experience:

User-Friendly Interface: GoBright’s intuitive interface makes it easy for employees to book rooms, check availability, and make changes on-the-go, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Real-Time Room Availability: With GoBright, users can view the real-time availability of rooms, enabling them to find and reserve suitable spaces without the risk of conflicts or double bookings.

Smart Analytics: GoBright provides valuable insights and analytics on room usage, occupancy rates, and resource allocation, enabling organisations to make data-driven decisions to optimise their space utilisation.

Seamless Integration: GoBright integrates smoothly with popular calendar platforms such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, allowing users to sync their bookings effortlessly. GoBright room booking panels, through their software integration, can communicate with Microsoft Teams and Zoom to perform tasks such as:

Creating and updating meetings: Users can book or modify meetings directly from the room booking panel, and the information will be synchronised with Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Check-in/Check-out and occupancy management: When a meeting starts, the room booking panel can automatically check-in participants, signalling room occupancy to Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Meeting reminders: The panel can display meeting reminders and notifications from Teams or Zoom to keep users informed about upcoming events.

Equipment Integration: GoBright can integrate with meeting room equipment to streamline the meeting process and improve collaboration. When integrated with meeting room equipment, GoBright allows users to book a meeting room equipped with a whatever is required for that meeting directly from their scheduling platform (such as a mobile app or web interface). This integration ensures that the room is equipped with the necessary tools before the meeting starts.

Room Occupancy sensors: GoBright has room sensor that as soon as you walk into a free meeting room it will show as the meeting room is busy on the panel outside. The sensors also work for small huddle spaces to just cause spaces in your building to show if that are is free.

Wayfinding: GoBright have a wayfinding option. So that when customer arrives for there meeting they can check in with reception and then follow the wall panels to the guided to the correct meeting room with ease.




The screen integration may offer features such as

Screen Integration: GoBright internal panels also integrates with screens and displays in meeting rooms to enhance presentations and remote collaboration. This integration enables users to schedule meetings and presentations while ensuring that the necessary display equipment is available and operational for the meeting.

Seamless content sharing: Users can wirelessly or via cables connect their devices to the room’s screen for presentations.

Auto-switching: When multiple screens are available, GoBright can automatically set the correct screen as the primary display for the meeting.

Camera Integration: In some setups, GoBright can integrate with cameras or video conferencing systems to further enhance the meeting experience, especially for remote participants. This integration enables users to schedule video conferences and ensures that the camera and associated equipment are ready for the meeting.


The camera integration may offer features like:

Automatic camera activation: The camera system can be activated when the scheduled meeting starts, ensuring video conferencing is ready to go

Remote participant management: GoBright can help manage remote participants, providing a seamless experience for both in-room and virtual attendees.

User Interface and Control: GoBright typically provides a user-friendly interface, such as a mobile app or web portal, where users can schedule meetings and access room availability information. Through this interface, users can select the necessary equipment (whiteboard, screen, camera) they require for their meetings.

Keep in mind that specific details of the integration may vary depending on the version of GoBright, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom available at the time of the integration’s implementation.

Touchscreen Displays: GoBright’s sleek touchscreen displays outside meeting rooms show real-time availability, bookings, and provide easy check-ins, eliminating any confusion and ensuring efficient room utilization.

Flexible Booking Options: Whether it’s a one-time meeting, a recurring event, or an ad-hoc requirement, GoBright offers flexible booking options to accommodate various scheduling needs.

Efficient room management is a crucial aspect of running a productive and organised workplace. Implementing a robust room booking system, such as GoBright, can significantly simplify the booking process, save time, and optimise room utilisation. By providing user-friendly interface, real-time availability, seamless integration, and smart analytics, GoBright empowers organisations to make the most of their meeting spaces and enhance overall productivity. Embrace the power of digitalisation and streamline your room bookings with GoBright today.

Additional integration features such as:

Reception welcoming package, touch display and QR Code check in as well as automatic badge printing.

Digital signage in the reception area.

Hot desk booking

Car park booking

Locker booking

Live meeting room availability feed.

Contact our sales team today to see how this solution would work in your environment.

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