March 2023 – VideoCentric is the UK’s first reseller to begin demonstrating Signature MTRs

  • The emergence of hybrid meetings is challenging the conventional design of traditional meeting rooms.
  • In order to ensure full inclusion and engagement of remote participants, there is a growing need for ultra-wide aspect (21:9) displays that offer additional space for Microsoft Teams’ “Front Row” gallery layout.
  • Instead of mounting the display on the short wall of a rectangular meeting room, it is now placed on the long wall.
  • The arrangement of chairs around the meeting room table is modified.
  • There might also be changes in the shape of the table itself.
  • Cameras equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) automatically adjust the framing and resizing of individuals around the table, integrating them with remote participants.
  • This expansion of focus on desktop presentation and collaboration extends into the meeting room.
  • Chat features familiar to Teams desktop users are now incorporated in the meeting room setting.
  • It provides a new approach to enhance the office environment, giving employees an additional reason to come in instead of always working from home.

When I think about Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms, I just think about trying to build the workplace that our employees really want to be in. We know much of our work gets done in meetings, so why shouldn’t we rethink this space where we spend so much of our time?” Matt Hempey, a principal group product manager at Microsoft.

VideoCentric follows a policy of “Demonstrate everything it sells,” which includes showcasing traditional MTRs (Microsoft Teams Rooms) from leading manufacturers certified by Microsoft such as Poly, Yealink, Logitech, Neat, Lenovo, HP, and others. In March 2023, VideoCentric became the UK’s first reseller to start demonstrating the Signature solution for MS Teams Rooms at its own premises. Initially using just the 11th generation of Lenovo processor coupled with Poly Medium and Large MTRs, this has since complimented with the latest MCore from Yealink and in August the 12th generation HP processor will be added for customer comparisons, all under one roof. Unlike traditional NUCs (Intel Next Unit of Computing), these latest processors feature DisplayPort and USB3.2 outputs to achieve 5K output instead of HDMI.


One key distinction between a traditional MTR (Microsoft Teams Room) and the new approach is the utilization of a single ultra-widescreen 21:9 format 5K display specifically designed for “front-row” video layouts, as opposed to relying on one or two 16:9 wide-screen aspect displays.

At VideoCentric, in Wokingham near Reading, we have installed the latest 21:9 display from Jupiter in its 81” size, and a 105” model is also available to demonstrate in Yorkshire. Both passive and interactive variants are available. With sales engineers, technical sales consultants, helpdesk personnel, and installation engineers having direct access to such systems on a daily basis, our knowledge and experience remains at the forefront of the video communications industry”, said David Shimell, Sales Director of VideoCentric since 2001.

Watch Video to see how Microsoft is internally deploying Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Contact our sales team to see how this solution would work in your environment.

**All images belong to Microsoft**


  1. Akash says:

    Impressed by the capabilities of the Signature Microsoft Teams Room. The intuitive interface and high-quality audio/video enhance communication, making virtual meetings feel like in-person discussions.

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