Using Recording and Streaming to Recruit & Train the Best Teams

Lifesize Cloud Record and Stream Video Youtube Library

From the first interview to onboarding and career development, managers and recruiters can utilise video streaming and recording solutions in their talent acquisition and hiring strategies, to improve interviews and communication exchange, train new employees and grow with the organisations strategy going forwards.

Improve your Hiring Process

Video interviews can replace those initial phone interviews and actually create the feel of an in-person meeting right down to the nonverbal communication exchanges that are just as important as what’s being said. Those non-verbal cue’s, such as gestures, facial expressions and posture can say a lot more about a candidate than entire paragraphs within a CV or spoken on the phone.

Being on the phone also gives a candidate a sort of anonymity that can lead to distractions, and from the candidates point of view, it’s much easier to capture and keep attention of the employer if you can keep eye contact and show your confidence… often something that cannot be conveyed via audio only!

Many organisations HR departments are now utilising Video Conferencing and Communications technology for their hire activities, often using video recording technology to rewatch interviews to analyse sessions in more detail, share with managers and specific team members for feedback, and ensure they select the right candidate.

Getting On-board in the Organisation

Flash forward to the new hire’s start date, and there is typically a ton of information to cover. Sounds simple enough on the small scale, but what happens if yours is an international organization that hires 20 sales engineers at once? What if they are located all over the world? In addition, organisations these days are greatly increasing their distributed workforce, with many more flexible and home workers than ever before, and with the right solutions in place, even small organisations are able to hire talent from further afield.

Instead of flying all those new employees to one location for training or hiring a team of trainers to meet them individually, new hire orientations can be conducted over video and recorded for later reference and use. This can save huge costs on both travel and trainers, and can enable reviews of content for your new hirers to rewatch, to ensure everything has “sunk in”.

To help them learn the inner workings of the company, some organisations are also now recording and sharing series of video onboarding tips, which are available to watch and refer to at the new employees own pace as they settle in. Many recording and streaming solutions enable this to be done from anywhere, perhaps on a mobile device or from home, ensuring everyone gets trained and onboarded in a way that is comfortable for them.

What Recording and Streaming Solutions are available?

As one of the leading Collaboration solutions with Recording and Sharing capabilities, Lifesize’s Record and Share solution can be utilised side-by-side with your other video communications, to offer a seamless recording and streaming environment that is simple to use, secure and enables both your organisation and guest access to be part of the conversation.

Some of the key features of Record and Share including:

  • One-click-to-record and auto-publishing
  • Personal Video library for playback and sharing
  • Managed content across the organisation
  • Simple system management

Other solutions with Recording and Sharing capabilities that we would recommend, dependent upon an organisations specific requirements, include VideoCloud 365 for cloud based communications, and on-premise recording servers from Polycom.



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