Camera Brackets, Clamps & Accessories

VideoCentric supply a wide range of cameras for Video Conferencing and visualisation projects, including PTZ cameras, camera tracking solutions and IP Networked cameras from the likes of Sony, Canon, Cisco, Logitech, Polycom and Lifesize.  VideoCentric also have their own range of low cost SD and HD cameras for organisations requiring professional PTZ cameras on a budget.

Depending upon your chosen cameras, we can recommend and supply a wide choice of highly tested and high quality camera accessories for mounting and installing your cameras within meeting spaces, lecture theatres and collaboration spaces. We can provide bundles of accessories dependent upon positioning, flexibility, weight and style required. See a range of our camera brackets and clamps and contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

Camera Wall Bracket with ball leveling head on short spindle

Camera Wall Bracket with short spindle

  • Includes Camera Wall Bracket (90mm base diameter)
  • Ball Levelling Head spindle – aluminium with black ball-joint swivel/tilt head
  • Used with fixed cameras only
Extension Spindle for Camera Bracket


Camera Wall Bracket with extension spindle

  • Aluminium with black ball-joint swivel/tilt head. 
  • Can be used with most VC & IP Networked PTZ cameras
  • Includes Camera Wall bracket (as above)
  • Extension spindle show in image
Wall Bracket with Double Ball Tilt Head

Camera “Dual-ball-joint” wall bracket with extra swivel/pivot/tilt flexibility

  • Aluminium with black ball-joints.
  • Includes extension spindle & wall bracket
  • Double ball bracket full adjustable with single lever for locking
  • Reversable camera plate for choice of mounting positions
  • Suitable for most VC & IP Networked PTZ cameras
 Camera Wall Bracket with Magic Arm

Camera “Dual-arm” bracket

  • Allowing up to 0.5m reach from wall or ceiling. 
  • Full adjustable in all directions
  • Reversible camera plate for flexible mounting options
  • Supplied with camera wall bracket
Camera bracket, camera plate and connecting rod for camera

Camera Ceiling Bracket Kit

  • Ceiling-mount camera bracket
  • Extension spindle
  • Adjustable camera plate
 Camera Vacuum Bracket

Camera “Vacuum” Bracket

  • For smooth surfaces
  • Attaches to windows, whiteboards & tiles
  • Aluminium with black ball-joints
  • Use with most VC & IP Networked PTZ cameras as well as Camcorders etc
 Table Edge Camera Clamp affixed to wooden pole

Camera Table-edge Clamp Bracket

  • For 3-21mm clamping width
  • Suitable for table or shelf
  • High quality grip with unique surface design
  • With ball-tilt head


 Pole Camera Clamp affixed to wooden pole

Camera Pole Clamp Bracket

  • For 13-25mm clamping width
  • Suitable for pole, pipe or tube
  • High performance grip
  • With ball-tilt head


 Bar Clamp Camera Bracket affixed to metal pole

Camera Bar Clamp Bracket

  • for 12-25mm clamping width
  • Includes bar clamp & short spindle with ball-tilt head
  • Choice of black or chrome.


 Camera Standard Clamp affixed to pole

Camera Standard Clamp Bracket

  • for 12-55mm clamping width
  • Attach to pole, shelf edge, pipe, bar or pole
  • Fixed vertically or horizontally, with reversible camera plate
  • Set to any angle or direction with single lever locking mechanism
  • Includes extension spindle & swivel tilt head
 Camera Large Clamp Bracket

Camera Large Clamp Bracket

  • for 56-80mm clamping width
  • Attach to pole, pipe, bar or irregular shaped object
  • Telescopic spindle to extend up to 115mm
  • Includes ball-tilt head
  • Can be set at any angle or direction, handwheel lock
Camera Wide Clamp Bracket

Camera Wide Clamp Bracket

  • for up to 100mm clamping width
  • attaches to round or flat objects
  • Available in black or chrome
  • Ball & socket mount enables high flexibility
Female to Female Connector

Female – Female Coupler

  • For joining two camera bracket sockets
Male to Male Coupler

Male – Male Coupler

  • For joining two camera bracket sockets
  • Choice of 125mm rod or 255mm rod, dependent upon requirements
Large Camera Plate

Large Camera Plate

  • For use with vertical spindle
  • Accessory only – needs appropriate fixing bracket also
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