Zoom Introduces Smart Gallery View

News item: August 24, 2021
Smart Gallery uses AI to take single-camera view of multiple participants in a Zoom Room and presents them as individual streams in Gallery View.

Zoom’s much-anticipated Smart Gallery view is now available for Zoom Rooms customers. 

The new feature takes a single camera view and uses AI to transform it into multiple video streams for each participant in a conference room, enhancing the face-to-face meeting experience.  

The aim of Smart Gallery is to focus more closely on groups of participants in a Zoom Room and display these people more clearly to remote attendees, ensuring equity and inclusion for remote meeting attendees.  

Gallery View works by using both a physical, or “logical” camera and, as Zoom calls it, a virtual camera. The virtual camera pinpoints a specific area from within the view and extracts it as a separate video stream. 

These individual video streams can then be pieced together to create the Gallery View that we have all become familiar with over the last year. 

For example, if three people are sat in a room next to each other, a fourth participants who is joining the meeting from home can see the three other participants in separate tiles, as if they had all dialled in remotely. 

Zoom explained exactly how Smart Gallery View will work for remote participants: “Remote attendees will be able to access all the available video feeds from the Zoom Room if they are using the Gallery, Side-by-Side, or Thumbnail views, or if they decide to pin a specific video. 

“Each Zoom Room video feed is displayed as a distinct meeting participant with full resolution. These same meeting participants are named after the Zoom Room itself followed by a number: “Conference Room – 1”, “Conference Room – 2”, etc.”  

Smart Gallery is currently available in public beta on Neat and Poly products, with support set to come for Logitech and DTEN D7 devices later this year. 

Users need to be using Zoom Rooms Appliances running version 5.7.0 or higher. Account owners or admins may have to enable the feature for some users. 

Smart Gallery View can also be enabled by default. To do this, users should log in to the Zoom web portal, click Room Management and then Zoom Rooms. The Zoom Rooms location hierarchy can then be used to enable Smart Gallery View from account, location, or room settings. 

You can view more details on how to enable Smart Gallery View here. 

Zoom has also announced further updates for Zoom Rooms. 

Native Voice Commands now are in public beta, with participants able to use commands that will, for example, start meetings, leave meetings or check in – using the phrase “Hey Zoom” to get started. 

In-meeting chat is now available for meeting participants joining from Zoom Rooms, using the room controller or touchscreen. Users also have more control of webinars, attendees and panellists with Zoom Rooms, allowing them access to features such as locking the webinar and muting panellists. 

Meanwhile, device management of various Zoom devices has now been unified. Phone Appliances, Room devices and Digital Signage is now available through a singular device management section, making it easy to manage multiple devices. 

 This article has been reposed from UC Today’s Blog. See the source article here: https://www.uctoday.com/collaboration/video-conferencing/zoom-introduces-smart-gallery-view/

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