New Product Announcement – Neat Bar Generation 2

Neat are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to their innovative line-up. The slimmer, more powerful, and utterly brilliant Neat Bar Generation 2!

Prepare to be amazed as they take video meetings in small to medium-sized rooms to unprecedented levels of simplicity and excellence.

Since its inception in 2019, the Neat Bar has revolutionised the video communications landscape. With over 13,000 satisfied customers worldwide, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. It’s clear that Neat Bar has set a new standard for quality, ease of use, and design. And now, they’re taking it even further with the launch of Neat Bar Generation 2.

What sets the Neat Bar Generation 2 apart?

Let’s dive into the extraordinary features that make it the ultimate solution for your meeting needs:

🌟 Exceptional Video Quality: Say hello to crystal-clear video thanks to the wide-angle 50MP camera that captures every detail with precision. Whether you’re zooming in on participants or shifting between group and individual views. The Neat Bar Generation 2 ensures that everyone is seen in the best possible light.

🌟 Exceptional Audio Quality: Hear every word loud and clear, thanks to advanced audio technology. With a 5-microphone array, voice localisation tracking, and cutting-edge audio processing algorithms. The Neat Bar Generation 2 delivers unparalleled sound clarity, making every conversation feel like you’re in the same room.

🌟 Enhanced AI for Exceptional Meetings: The learning algorithms adapt to your room’s acoustics, lighting conditions, and more, ensuring optimal performance in any environment. Plus, with hardware-accelerated audio and video processing, you can enjoy seamless meetings without relying on the cloud.

🌟 Refined Look and Feel: Sleek, stylish, and effortlessly elegant, the Neat Bar Generation 2 is designed to complement any space. Whether you choose to place it on a table, mount it on the wall, or pair it with the Neat Pad touch-screen controller, you’ll appreciate its seamless integration into your environment.


But that’s not all!

They have also announced that the original Neat Bar is now available at a reduced price, making it more accessible than ever before. With its exceptional audio and video capabilities, it’s the perfect choice for huddle rooms and small to medium-sized spaces.

For those looking to take their meetings to the next level, Neat are introducing their first-ever trade-in program. Upgrade your current bars from Neat or other providers to the Neat Bar Generation 2 and experience the future of video collaboration first-hand.

Ready to elevate your meetings with the Neat Bar Generation 2? Contact our Sales Team today!

The full Neat News Story can be read here – Say Hello to Our Stunning New Neat Bar Generation 2

**Photos belong to Neat**

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