Live Video Event Production & Streaming

Live Video Event Production & Streaming

Putting on a Live Event via MS Teams or Zoom may seem like a straightforward activity for those that have become accustomed to such cloud services and webcam technology during the pandemic. But think again… think about your audience… how they will perceive it and how does it reflect the quality of your organisation?

A show done “on the cheap” will be a bad reflection on your corporate values, your directors and shareholders, particularly if performed to an external audience who will judge it against a TV broadcast, a corporate video or a theatrical show. Yes, you can hire the equipment from VideoCentric to produce your own DIY show, but think about who is going to direct the shoot, switch camera angles and introduce presentations at precisely the right time? Is your IT Department really able to tell your Directors what to do, how to conduct themselves and how to get the most out of their performance? Probably not, and that’s where VideoCentric will bring in real expertise to create and choreograph your show for you. Your concern should be about the presentation material itself, leaving our experts to worry about the technology, the delivery, and the end result.

VideoCentric/HT Services – What we offer

Building on VideoCentric’s 20+ years of experience in business video communications, our conferencing hire systems and cloud services are now complemented by our new partnership with HTS, who are experts in live events, theatre, and broadcast-standard show production. Our skilled technical production team will ensure your next show or event connects with the online audience, whilst keeping the high quality and energy that a live streaming service offers. Everything we create is bespoke and tailored to the specific needs of your event. In a world of low-quality streamed footage put together by DIY amateurs, we can help you achieve something truly unique that stands out from the noise of the digital world. An event you will be proud to be part of and one which represents the quality of your organisation and the way your shareholders will want it perceived.

Stream Management 

VideoCentric and HTS’ experienced, professional team will set-up and run the stream on whichever platform best suits your needs. If required we can develop a creative strategy, from holding pages to overlay custom graphics to tie in with a company/brand or host moderated Q&A sessions to keep audiences engaged with the action

Live Camera Mixing & Recording  

We supply broadcast quality video cameras and experienced camera operators to ensure your production looks amazing. Our vision mix engineer will live mix, direct, and cue the cameras along with any pre-recorded video content and presentation media to keep everything moving in an interesting format.

Sound Mixing 

We believe high quality, intelligible audio is one of the most important elements of any production, even more so in the online format. From full orchestras, musicals and live bands to panel discussions and speaker presentations, we have the experience and equipment to ensure all within your production are heard clearly.


Professional lighting not only ensures your team can be seen but it creates the tone and atmosphere for a successful production. Our expert lighting designers will ensure you make the most of any venue so that everything looks great on camera.

Content Creation / Post-Production Editing  

As corporate events move online, new creative opportunities arise to build hybrid events with a blend of high quality live and pre-recorded content, blurring the lines between the business world and what was traditionally theatre and cinema broadcast performances.

Our professional team can shoot and edit content in advance if you require pre-recorded content to be streamed alongside your live performance, or we can add scrolling ticker text to ensure your event is creative and engaging for your audience.


If you’re concerned about space and feel you need to hire a 3rd-party venue, you’ll want to ensure adequate social distancing between performers and crew. But we can go one step further. With an anti-Covid-19 fogging machine and operations crew available to us, we can thoroughly treat the venue ahead of your management & staff’s arrival.

Dry Hire of Broadcast Streaming & Video Conferencing Equipment  

If you prefer to manage the entirety of a production yourself, then HTS do offer all of the professional video, sound and lighting equipment for dry hire and VideoCentric has one of the largest stocks of Video Conferencing Hire systems; including Cisco, Lifesize, Poly and Yealink for a variety of cloud platforms including MS Teams, Zoom, Pexip, BlueJeans, VideoCloud VC365, Lifesize Cloud and Webex. Traditional SIP/H.323 systems, Large Format Displays and 1080P Projectors are still stocked in volume ready for multi-location hires. DIY or assisted set up is available.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you with your event.

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