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Lifesize Icon 400 vs Lifesize Icon 450: A Comparison

Lifesize Icon 450 with Touch Phone HD and 4 way multipoint

In October 2016, Lifesize have announced a new addition to the Icon Series, the Lifesize Icon 450. The Icon 450 has a similar look and feel to the Icon 400 Video Conferencing endpoint, which was announced in January 2015 alongside the Lifesize Icon Flex.

Both the Icon 400 and the Icon 450 have been designed to provide HD video and audio conferencing for smaller businesses, small meeting rooms and huddle rooms, and both have been built to be driven by the Lifesize Cloud.

The Icon 400 has provided many organisations over the past 18 months with a fantastic small meeting room solution, with 1080p Video, embedded camera and a host of collaboration features and functionality via the Lifesize Cloud, however now with the Icon 450, there are some fantastic new and exciting features available, so what’s the difference (and similarities) between the two?

The Icon 400 vs Icon 450: So how do they compare?

Both the 450 and 400 systems are designed with the huddle room in mind, providing a combined codec and HD camera system that is controlled by the Lifesize Phone HD and Lifesize cloud-based communication platform. 

As you can see below, most of the Icon 400 and Icon 450 features are similar – with most of the endpoint differences focused on the camera.


Lifesize Icon 400  

Lifesize Icon 450   

Video HD 1080p30
1 x HD Video In (HDMI enabled)
 HD 1080p30
1 x HD Video In (HDMI enabled)
Audio  1 x Lifesize Link
(Lifesize Phone HD or Digital MicPod)
 1 x Lifesize Link
(Lifesize Phone HD)
Screen Sharing  H.239/SIP (BFCP) dual video & presentation  H.239/SIP (BFCP) dual video & presentation
Display  Single HD display  Single HD display
Camera – Field Of View (Horizontal)  70 degree  82 degree
Camera – Field Of View (Vertical)  70 degree  82 degree
Camera – Control  Manual only Smart-framing sensor & manual 
Camera – Zoom  Built in 3 x zoom  Built in 5 x zoom
Recording  Using Lifesize Cloud Amplify –
Optimised for video, audio & data, inside & outside a video call
 Using Lifesize Cloud Amplify –
Optimised for video, audio & data, inside & outside a video call

What is Smart-Framing?

One of the key differences between the Icon 400 and Icon 450 is the new intelligent smart-framing sensor within the embedded camera. The smart-framing sensor automatically adjusts the camera to the optimal position, ensuring everyone in the meeting is visible and centered. 

This differs to other framing solutions on the market, that zoom and move to active speakers or current presenters. Rather than changing positions throughout the meeting dependent upon sound and the current speakers, the smart-framing sensor selects the best position for all of those current in the meeting, and only changes if a new person enters the room. Smart framing can be turned off at any time, and you can manually take control of the camera to zoom or move positioning, depending upon your preference. 

During the initial install of the Icon 450, the smart-framing sensor will be calibrated to the specific huddle room environment. 

Introducing the Icon 450: a Lifesize Video


See the Lifesize Icon 450 in action

VideoCentric can demonstrate the Icon 400 and the Icon 450 side-by-side at our demonstration suite in Wokingham, or you may be able to hire or trial a system for your own huddle rooms. Please contact us today for more information about the Icon series endpoints or to arrange a demonstration.

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