Global Company Ditches Phones in Favour of MS Teams Via Neat!!

Global Company Ditches Phones in Favour of MS Teams Via Neat!!

In the realm of global innovation and supply chain excellence, HAVI stands as a prominent figure. Established in 1974, HAVI has expanded its reach to over 100 locations worldwide, boasting a workforce of over 10,000 employees. At its essence, HAVI is a unique amalgamation of logistics leadership and marketing prowess, revolutionising the supply chains of major restaurant and retail brands on a global scale.

The core of HAVI’s operations lies in its ability to innovate, deliver, and proficiently manage supply chains and marketing services. Over 300 customer brands benefit from HAVI’s expertise, empowered by robust digital analytics. In its current landscape, HAVI operates through three primary business units: HAVI Supply Chain, tms, and Stanley. Notably, they also engage in the manufacturing of various products including lunch boxes, flasks, and even the iconic toys found in McDonald’s Happy Meals.

A significant turning point came in 2019 when HAVI strategically pushed its workforce to embrace the potential of Microsoft Teams, leading to the removal of physical phones. This shift catalysed a comprehensive upgrade of their conference rooms, marked by the adoption of Microsoft Teams Rooms. Consequently, the organisation transitioned towards a hybrid working model, embracing the benefits of both physical and virtual collaboration.

By 2022, HAVI embraced Neat, a cutting-edge solution that aligns perfectly with their hybrid-first philosophy. This marked a pivotal moment in their operational landscape, especially for their North American employees who now fully embrace a 100% hybrid work model. Approximately one-third of these employees visit the office in person each week, underlining the effectiveness of this approach.

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