Feature Highlight: Lifesize Cloud Group Chat

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Lifesize has recently released a new feature for the Lifesize Cloud – the Group Chat feature. So what is Group Chat, and what does this mean for you?

  • Chat via text one on one with a group, within your Virtual Meeting Room
  • Return to any chat session to continue your conversation at any time – chat history is maintained within the specific meeting room
  • Otherwise known as Instant Messaging (IM)

The Lifesize Group Chat feature enables you to instant message other members of your meeting room, both in and out of a call. Anyone from outside of the meeting room won’t be able to participate, or see your chat, and your chat history stays in the room, so whenever you return you can pick up where you left off – resolve issues raised, continue the conversation tomorrow, answer questions and maintain momentum!

You can even participate in multiple group and individual chat sessions at the same time, with notifications for incoming chats shown in your chat list, and escalate your group chat to a full Video call at any time, just by clicking the video button.

Chat is a Cornerstone of Collaboration Apps

…and Lifesize Cloud is no different. With the redesign of the one-on-one chat and the addition of group chat in meeting rooms, customers can now chat instantly with their colleagues or join their team in a meeting room to collaborate throughout the day.

“Group Chat is a sorely needed feature within any collaboration solution. When you want to check if someone is free, just ask a quick question or share a quick comment or note, instant messaging is very important for our business.”

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One thought on “Feature Highlight: Lifesize Cloud Group Chat

  1. Pete Shora says:

    Great New Feature!

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