Is Cloud Telephony Right for Your Organisation?

Is cloud telephony the ideal solution for you?

Whether you operate a small or medium-sized business or are part of a large, geographically dispersed enterprise. If managing a complex communication network or dealing with limited IT staff resources has become burdensome? Then cloud telephony might be the answer for you.

What exactly is cloud telephony?

It offers businesses of all sizes a straightforward pay-as-you-grow model for their telephone communication requirements. Cloud telephony users benefit from an all-in-one communication solution – all available at a single monthly price per line.

How does cloud telephony function?

Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) handle the construction, maintenance, and management of the entire communication infrastructure in the cloud. Meanwhile, users can access these services from their business phones, smartphones, tablets, and computers, regardless of their location.

Who is embracing cloud telephony?

Over 5 million small and medium-sized businesses in North America have already made the switch to cloud-based telephony. A considerable 62% of businesses in North America and Europe have plans to migrate their telephony platforms to the cloud. This shift is rapidly progressing, with an annual growth rate exceeding 27%, and the combined market for voice services, including both business and residential segments, is projected to surpass $82 billion by 2017.

Why are businesses opting for cloud telephony?

The reasons are compelling – it allows companies to stop dealing with equipment management and focus on their core business. It provides flexibility to scale with workforce needs, offers the latest communication and collaboration features at a flat fee, and is easy to integrate, use, and manage. It is feature-rich, highly reliable, and available.

What are the benefits of transitioning to the cloud?

Businesses can enjoy lower upfront and ongoing costs, eliminating the need to purchase expensive equipment like IP private branch exchanges (PBX). Maintenance becomes the responsibility of the hosted provider, resulting in hassle-free communications and reduced IT costs. Cloud telephony offers cost control for traveling staff and telecommuters, simplifying the telecommunications system and reducing costs associated with remote work.

Statistics indicate significant savings, with a typical lifetime savings of 30-50% and full payback within 12-18 months. Maintenance costs can see an 18% reduction over 36 months, and the ability to adjust services and applications easily is an added advantage. Companies that embrace telecommuting can further reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 25%, with telecommuters proving to be 20% more productive than those commuting to the office.

Who stands to gain from cloud telephony?

It is an ideal fit for distributed organisations with multiple locations and remote staff, growing companies in need of scalable communications, innovative businesses seeking new communication forms like video and virtual meeting rooms, cost-conscious companies aiming to save on capital expenses, and organisations with strained IT departments looking to concentrate on their core activities.

Cloud telephony emerges as the right fit for forward-thinking companies like yours. Why don’t you contact our Sales Team today to see how this will work for you??

** referenced from Polycom Infographic – **

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