No Budget For VC? No Problem!

Want to improve your communication platform but can’t find the funds?

Want to improve your communication platform but can’t find the funds? Video Conferencing is now, more than ever, a highly valuable business asset but sometimes it can be hard to justify the initial costs involved. However, with a variety of benefits such as; reduced travel, improved communication with colleagues and customers, removal of geographic boundaries and increased productivity, its definitely worth a deeper look.

The first and possibly most important benefit is the reduction of travel – its an efficient use of time since people aren’t wasting hours or days traveling and therefore allows staff to be more productive with their time at their desks. Plus, fewer hours in on road, commuting and staying the night away, allows for a better work-life balance and happier, healthier staff. It also comes with a big financial incentive – it saves money from the costs associated with travel like flights, hotels and dining. VC also reduces colleagues and customers risk of exposure to illness, a highly important factor in times such as these. There are also environmental benefits such as, using less fuel and emitting less greenhouse gases . This is something that be highlighted in your annual report under Corporate Social Responsibility.

Improving communication is a second key benefit. We are all used to picking up the phone and dialing a voice only call but with video you are able to pick up on facial cues and body language which are things you would otherwise miss, plus it encourages more honest and open communication. A lot of the platforms (Zoom, Teams, Lifesize etc.) have also built collaboration into the software – allowing for participants to share their screens, all add to the same virtual whiteboard or break out into smaller groups for a more in-depth discussion. Its proven that simple and easy communication and collaboration improves productivity and therefore, your bottom line.

A third major benefit of using video conferencing in your business is that it removes geographic boundaries thus allowing you to work with people all around the world in a quick and efficient manner. In the past, even if you could continue a relationship with an overseas customer or supplier over the phone, you usually would have to make the trip to meet them in person first to cement the deal. Video Conferencing will never make in-person meetings completely obsolete but it surely does reduce the frequency of them.

We now know the benefits of a Video Conferencing Solution, but what’s next? Why not start with consultancy? Consultancy is about providing the missing link in an organisation’s expertise. VideoCentric’s team of highly accredited and experienced individuals have a proven track record of assisting both the private and public sector in understanding their network, designing and planning video based solutions to achieve specific needs and outcomes, and offering the advice and expertise needed to successfully meet your business goals through Telecoms, Conferencing & Collaboration. Our aim is to help you implement the most efficient and cost-effective system for your business in the first instance, so that you wont need to make costly changes down the line.

Still not sure? Why not try before you buy? VideoCentric hold the UK’s largest stock of video conferencing equipment for you to hire for any of your meetings, events or longer term hire needs. We will spend some time consulting with you to assist in recommending the best systems and technology to hire for your needs and with hire systems available from all of the world’s leading video conferencing vendors including Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize and Yealink, and the availability of expert video engineers to help set up, install, administer and remove at the end of the hire period, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly and every participant in the room or remotely will feel fully immersed and part of your event.

This is all great, but we just don’t have the budget! This is where some clever accounting can come into play. There is no doubt that deploying Video Conferencing in your business will save you money in a variety of ways and therefore can be justified under IT, Travel or Telecomms budgets. Get in touch with us to find out how to pay monthly instead of parting with that much needed cash. Other than short term hire we also offer low-interest financing over 3 years. Learn how to spread the cost, spread the VAT and qualify for 19% Government refund as part of your Company’s annual tax returns.

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