6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Zoom Account from Basic to Pro

One of the many reasons so many people have turned to Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic is because of the robust capabilities you get standard in our free product. Chock-full of collaboration and communication features, Zoom’s free Basic account is a perfectly capable option for your individual or small organizational needs.

Sure, the price is right on a Basic Zoom account. But just like the day we eventually stop bumming a friend’s Netflix account (well, most of us), there will come a time to pull the trigger on greater control and functionality for your business communications. And that may mean upgrading to a Zoom Pro account.

The good news is, if you’re happy with all the functionality you get in a free Zoom account, you’ll be delighted by the extra capabilities of a Pro license, especially as we’re social distancing and relying on technologies like Zoom more than ever.

Here are a few benefits you get when upgrading from Zoom Basic to Zoom Pro.

1. No more 40-minute limit

Zoom’s Basic license gives you unlimited time for one-on-one meetings, but group meetings are limited to 40 minutes. With a Zoom Pro license, you can host unlimited group meetings with up to 100 people and can collaborate as long as you need, without worrying about time limits or having to start another meeting.

2. Record to the cloud

You can record meetings to your local device with a Basic license, but a Pro account also lets you record to the cloud, which vastly simplifies the sharing experience and frees up space on your device. Access these files in your Zoom portal and easily share a recorded training, all-hands meeting, or other events without first having to upload a large file to a content sharing platform. Each Pro license comes with 1 GB of cloud recording space at no additional cost.

3. Stream to social

Did you know that you can live stream your Zoom Meetings to Facebook and YouTube? You just need a Pro license to enable streaming in your Zoom settings. You also have access to custom live streaming services to expand your audience reach.

4. Get expanded user management & admin controls

Administering your communications solution has never been easier with a paid Zoom license. System admins have more control over managing their end users and how they interact with our platform. For instance, admins can remotely provision licenses, remove users from the account, customize notifications, and enable cloud recording.

5. Reporting made easy

With a Pro license, system admins can access the Reports section. Account owners and admins can see how many meetings are happening in the organization and when, number of participants, number of meeting minutes, and more.

6. Get more Zoom

You can add on additional Zoom services with a Zoom Pro account, including SIP/H.323 Room Connectors, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Video Webinars, as well as large meeting licenses and audio plans. You also get access to Zoom’s API, which gives your developers the ability to build an app for your Zoom account, embed Zoom into your solution, build chatbots, and more.

Upgrade today

Zoom’s free license gets you into the video conferencing game, but a Zoom Pro account gets you a front-row seat to productivity, efficiency, and employee success with greater control and enhanced functionality.

Ready to upgrade? Get in touch with VideoCentric today!

(This blog has been adapted from the Zoom Blog. See the source blog here.)

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  1. I want to upgrade to Zoom Pro Account

    1. Thank you for your comment. One of our dedicated sales teams will be in touch very soon.

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