SRG Apparel PLC speeds time to market with Polycom

SRG Apparel PLC has over 40 years experience in fashion design and manufacturing, and is regarded as one of the leading suppliers for retailers and wholesalers across the world with a range of private label and SRG branded products. With global contributors deciding the latest trends and fashions at such a fast pace, speed in manufacturing and meeting these demands are crucial to such companies.

As a United Kingdom-based design house with offices in China and Bangladesh, it depends on the immediacy of video conferencing to connect its business. “Video helps us keep up with the pace of the fashion industry,” says Rajesh Passi, chairman of SRG Apparel PLC. “This business is getting faster and faster and we have to move with it.”

Benefits for SRG include:

  • Improved exchanges
  • Facilitates improved communications & reduces issues with language barriers
  • Greatly reduced travel both nationally & internationally
  • Increase in decision making speed – many days are saved throughout the design & development process

The Polycom® solutions are very much part of the everyday operations at SRG. Patel starts most days with an early video call with his team in Bangladesh, and ends them with calls with his customers in the USA, and confirms, “We develop better rapport with video collaboration. It’s been very successful in terms of developing relationship with our customers.”

Read the full SRG Global Apparel Polycom customer story here, or for more information about how Video Conferencing and Collaboration solutions can benefit the manufacturing industry, read our manufacturing & engineering solutions here.

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