Royal Berkshire Hospital: Lecture Theatre

We are so pleased to see how well the latest install at Royal Berkshire Hospital went. It was an interesting challenge to work out how to connect their existing presentation sources with some upgraded conferencing kit and then also have room user be able to seamlessly switch between presentation sources to present to both the in-room participants and also the far end participants on the #teams call.

This particular install was in a #lecturetheatre and used some interesting tech from Yealink, Extron, Sy Electronics and Microsoft Teams.

For the visual input, we had to utilise an existing document camera and microscope for presentation, and also install two Yealink MVC900 cameras (lectern and audience view) on a Microsoft Teams Room System.

We also had to consider the size and shape of the room when thinking about sound. We installed 8 ceiling audience mics with lectern gooseneck powered by Extron DSP so ensure balanced and clear audio for in-room and far-end audience.

To control the system and simplify the switching between cameras and presentation sources, we installed a simple SY Electronics Ltd control panel.



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