Leading Asset Management Organisation Invests in Video

A leading specialist manager of fixed income and alternative investment products with offices in London, USA, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Japan today selected VideoCentric as their video conferencing partner for the seamless integration of their dispersed worldwide offices.

As an organisation regulated by the FSA, and following discussions into the business objectives & needs, security was noted to be of uttermost importance when considering video conferencing, alongside professional HD quality and interoperability with other solutions in the worldwide offices. VideoCentric decided that a Cisco based video conferencing solution delivered over Cisco’s secure & encrypted infrastructure would be the most suitable, enabling their London offices to meet remotely with their teams across the globe.

“VideoCentric were brought on as our video infrastructure partners due  to their unbiased approach to video solutions. We were able to work with VideoCentric to ensure that the solution delivered would meet the strict standards set by the FSA and enable us to have high-quality face-to-face meetings without leaving our office”. 

VideoCentric have over 10 years experience working with Financial Organisations, Banks and Asset Management Organisations, and are specialised in secure networks, ISDN requirements, Firewall Management and Encrypted technologies. For more information on our Video Conferencing Solutions for Financial Organisations, see our Financial Solutions.

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