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The ZVC640, designed for medium and large rooms up to 30 users,  includes a UVC84 USB PTZ camera with 4K and 12x optical zoom, MCore mini-PC and CP960 Conference Phone that acts as a controller, microphone and speaker. There is an option to add on up to four wireless mics that cover up to 10ft each which is ideal for training rooms or “all-hands” style meetings with more participants and multiple areas of the room to cover.

Users can share presentation content in three ways…. 1) from their own laptop by plugging it directly into the conference phone on a USB-C cable, or with HDMI adapter, 2) from their own device by inserting a wireless sharing transmitter (WPP20) into a spare USB port and pressing the send button, or 3) using a shared room PC or Interactive Whiteboard, or 3rd party wireless sharing devices (e.g. Clickshare, Logitech Share, Pano etc) or a specialist digital peripheral such as a medical scanner, microscope or document camera, through a presentation hub option.


Zoom Video Communications is a world leading cloud based conferencing platform, used around the world for online meetings, content sharing, chat and webinars.


Organisations worldwide have been using Zoom software at the desktop and on mobiles for peer-to-peer communications since 2011, and the last few years has seem tremendous growth of Zoom’s cloud platform usage, especially in the huddle room, meeting room and conferencing spaces. These Zoom based rooms are otherwise know as “Zoom Rooms“.


Zoom Rooms is the idea of enabling individuals, teams and organisations to access the Zoom cloud conferencing platform from a meeting room so that your employees using Zoom can communicate from wherever they choose to work from.


Zoom Rooms is a software-based room system that provides an integrated experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing. Zoom Rooms can be used for room-only attendees, or remote attendees joining from another room, from their desktop, or from their mobile device.


There are many certified, and non certified peripherals that can make up a Zoom Room hardware bundle – but there are some limitations, challenges & combinations that work better than others, so if you’re unsure, make sure you get some assistance to understand which ones will work best in your spaces.


Ensuring Zoom Rooms are deployed professionally and to the highest quality standard that you require for your meeting rooms is just as it would be for any other Video Conferencing or AV deployment across your business. Professional design, integration, installation, support & maintenance of equipment must be managed by a trusted integrator and certified supplier, with quality support from the manufacturer… in this case, VideoCentric & Zoom.



The Yealink ZVC series of video solution is designed for immersive (intelligent) Zoom meetings in various sized meeting rooms. The ZVC series is a bundle video solution that includes everything you need to seamlessly and smartly meet, connect, and collaborate with internal and external users. The ZVC series delivers premium audio and video quality thanks to its Yealink audio devices and UVC series of optical PTZ cameras. Featuring Yealink HD audio and Noise Proof technology, everyone’ s voice in the room can be heard clearly. In addition, Yealink’ s complete solution provides users with a flexible deployment that adapts to your specific room layout. This solution gives organizations a native and easy Zoom Rooms meeting experience.


The Yealink ZVC series is supplied as a complete bundle of high-quality hardware including a powerful room camera, loudspeaker, microphones, tabletop touch panel, and core processor with Zoom Rooms App pre- installed for native connection to your Zoom account.


Designed with user experience in mind, it is as easy as walking into the room and clicking one button on the touch panel to join your conference. This works by pre-assigning the room system with an email address, linked to your calendaring system. Desktop users on Zoom then simply invite it to their meetings in the same way as they would another desktop individual, by name or email address.


Why Yealink? VideoCentric works with many Zoomcertified suppliers and has the policy of owning one of everything it sells. So, rather than selling from datasheets alone or referring support calls back to manufacturers or their importers, we have the equipment, in-house staff, and experience to try it ourselves. Yealink has proven itself to be a leader for several reasons. It’s a reliable, easy to use, intuitive and cost-effective solution with more wireless components than all the other equivalents, making it easier to install and support. We have experienced


fewer hardware faults than all its nearest rivals and the range is consistent and comprehensive, covering virtually every room type, from huddle space, to meeting room, lecture hall and theatre.


How does it stack up against competitors? Don’t take our word for it, ask us to show you. Other certified Zoom Rooms systems include the Logitech Rally, Poly G-Series, Poly X-series, and Neat Bar and like with most things, there are strengths and weaknesses to each.


It is also worth noting that Collaboration Bars for huddle spaces also support Zoom Rooms natively, but these are not Zoom Rooms systems. They generally run on Android platforms with budget- level camera and audio. Although we demonstrate a wide range of these as well, their digital camera processing makes them no match for zoom Rooms systems, especially in rooms where participants are more than 3m from the camera. Zoom Rooms systems provide optical camera quality, flexible audio and powerful presentation capabilities not found on today’s collaboration bars. If not sure, ask for a remote comparison demonstration. We have them all here.


VideoCentric’s longevity and reputation is based on practical hands-on sales, consultancy, and technical support. The knowledge and expertise we have built-up over the last 20 years means that you don’t need to become experts too. Our Company-wide recommendation of Yealink for Zoom is backed by Customer feedback, noting its reliability, cost effectiveness and ease of use. Simply put… It just works!

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