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If you’re a home worker and need to come into the office, it’s important to know you can find a hot desk quickly so you can get straight to work. Better still is a hot desk near to colleagues you work alongside. Facilities managers on the other hand want to know that they’ve planned for the right balance between permanent desks and hot desks.

Go Bright provides a modular management platform for all of your meeting spaces, desk booking and visitor management. The platform can be integrated with all of the major platforms including Exchange, O365 and Google to deliver an adaptable platform packed with features to enhance your workplace utilisation and user experience. Go Bright is the perfect platform for any business focused on enhancing workplace experience, managing their real estate, using or considering agile working. The most important elements of the Go Bright platform include the ability to customise the experience and management tools based upon what is important to your business and the subsequent data drives future decisionmaking and investment into enhancing your workplace resources and experience.

Check the occupation status of workspaces in one glance and book one within seconds. Just login with your personal NFC-card or smartphone. The desk immediately adjusts to your personal sitting or standing height. And if you are not in the office, the smart app ensures that you can book a workplace anytime and anywhere.


To ensure availability and to manage the number of people at the office, your colleagues use the GoBright app, to book a workplace in advance. They check the status of a desk with our unique Desk Connect and Glow: Available (green), Almost occupied (orange), Occupied (red), Non bookable (off).

GoBright HYGIENIC desk, your new desk cleaning policy!

This new feature makes sure that your colleagues always work on a clean and hygienic desk.

How does “Needs Cleaning” work?

  1. Check the availability of a desk, from your home, and book the right desk in advance.
  2. When you finished working and you leave the desk, the Connect and Glow turn purple.
  3. Purple means the desk needs to be cleaned by a cleaner.
  4. After cleaning, the cleaner swipes the desk ‘clean’ with his/her NFC/RFID card.
  5. The Connect and Glow return to their normal modus; the Available status green.
  6. Now, the desk is ready to use and bookable again.

GoBright Desk Booking App

  • Search and book a workplace anytime and everywhere
  • Configured non-bookable desks are not shown in the app, so they can’t be booked
  • Find your colleagues and book a desk nearby to work together
  • A workplace booking means that you have access to the building
  • The desk booking app can also be used to make table reservations in the company restaurant.

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