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Here are VideoCentric we take immense pride with unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier video conferencing installations that redefine communication standards. We are renowned for our dedication to quality, we ensure that every installation is a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship. From conceptualisation to execution, each step is guided by a relentless pursuit of excellence, resulting in video conferencing solutions that transcend expectations.

The heart of VideoCentric is high-quality installations is a team of seasoned experts who possess a deep understanding of the intricate nuances of audio-visual integration. By meticulously selecting and integrating state-of-the-art equipment, they craft immersive conferencing environments that effortlessly bridge geographical distances. Our emphasis is on personalised solutions means that each installation is tailored to the unique needs of our client, ensuring that the technology seamlessly aligns with our customers goals and workflows. Our focus on quality also extends beyond the initial installation, as we offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure uninterrupted and optimal performance over time.

Installation – June 2023 – Swindon – GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd. 

In June our installation team executed an exemplary installation for GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd, transforming their boardroom into a state-of-the-art collaboration hub.

The centrepiece of this setup is the remarkable Dual Yealink UVC86 camera system, which guarantees immersive and clear video conferencing experiences. Complementing this, an impressive 86” Iiyama interactive display adorns the room, offering an expansive canvas for presentations and interactive discussions. This sophisticated installation not only underscores our commitment to cutting-edge technology but also empowers GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd with an advanced platform for seamless communication and collaboration.

We also installed a Yealink A30 video conferencing system into this customer this marks a significant advancement in their communication infrastructure. By integrating the Yealink A30, we have been able to empower GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd to use cutting-edge video conferencing capabilities, enabling seamless and high-quality remote collaboration. This installation not only enhances the company’s internal communication but also strengthens its external interactions with clients and partners. The Yealink A30’s advanced features, such as its crystal-clear audio-visual quality, intuitive user interface, and versatile connectivity options, ensure that GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd can conduct virtual meetings, presentations, and discussions with utmost clarity and efficiency. This partnership between VideoCentric and GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative communication solutions on modern business operations.

Installation – July 2023 – London – Union Organisation. 

In July, we successfully executed an impressive installation for a client based in London. The project involved a substantial setup within a three-way divisible space, employing Yealink Microsoft Teams Room Systems and a Nureva Audio Solution. To enhance versatility, each room features a user-friendly SY control panel programmed to facilitate three-way division, independent room usage, or the combination of two rooms for a fluid and adaptable solution.

This endeavor was driven by the diverse requirements of the client across all three spaces. Our challenge was to devise an integrated solution that caters to these distinct needs while maintaining an intuitive user experience. The concerted efforts of our dedicated technical team ensured that the functionality seamlessly aligned with the client’s vision.

A noteworthy aspect of the installation involved the ingenious use of a HDBaseT system for video transmission. This innovative approach allowed us to relocate all backend equipment, including the AV Rack, outside the room. Our skilled installers conceptualised and constructed this efficient AV Rack setup.

Central to the project was the middle room, designated as the primary space. Here, a presenter camera was strategically positioned to capture dynamic presentations. The camera boasts advanced features, enabling it to intelligently track the presenter’s movements and maintain seamless video continuity for remote viewers.



Installation – August 2023 – Horsham – Chess Dynamics Ltd. 


Our collaboration with Chess Dynamics took a decisive step forward with the successful installation of a cutting-edge Yealink Meeting Board. This marks a significant milestone in enhancing Chess Dynamics’ communication and collaboration capabilities, empowering their teams to strategise and interact seamlessly, regardless of physical location.

The Yealink Meeting Board, renowned for its advanced features and user-friendly design, has been seamlessly integrated into Chess Dynamics’ operations by our expert team. This interactive digital whiteboard solution offers an innovative platform for brainstorming, planning, and problem-solving. With its ultra-responsive touch screen, intuitive interface, and integrated video conferencing capabilities, the Yealink Meeting Board facilitates real-time discussions and presentations. This installation ensures that Chess Dynamics can now conduct virtual meetings with partners, clients, and teams around the world, fostering closer relationships and more efficient decision-making processes.

By seamlessly integrating the Yealink Meeting Board, we has once again demonstrated our expertise in delivering bespoke collaboration solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients, propelling Chess Dynamics towards greater success in the ever-evolving world of modern business.



Installation – August 2023 – London – Rail Transportation Company

In this bespoke setup, we’ve integrated the latest technologies to ensure seamless communication and engagement. The centrepiece of the setup is the dual-screen configuration that not only adds a touch of modernity to your meeting room but also empowers you to share content and engage in video conferencing simultaneously. This dual functionality is a game-changer, allowing your team to visualise ideas and connect with remote participants like never before.

But an immersive visual experience needs to be complemented by exceptional audio quality. That’s where the Yealink MSpeakers come into play. These strategically placed speakers are engineered to distribute sound evenly throughout the room, ensuring that every participant can hear with crystal clarity. Whether you’re sitting at the head of the table or on the periphery, you’ll be immersed in a surround-sound atmosphere that fosters better understanding and collaboration.

Enhancing the visual element further, the UVC86 camera takes centre stage. With its ability to capture high-quality video, it brings remote participants to life as if they were right there in the room with you. The lifelike video feed enriches communication, allowing for more nuanced non-verbal cues and ultimately making virtual interactions more personal and engaging.

Gone are the days of being tethered to a fixed microphone. Our wireless microphone solution liberates presenters and participants, enabling them to move freely around the room while still being heard loud and clear. This newfound mobility translates to more natural interactions and dynamic presentations that keep the audience engaged.

Here we’ve combined cutting-edge technology and our expertise to create an immersive and productive environment for your meetings, presentations, and video conferences. Our dual-screen setup, powered by seamless content sharing and video conferencing capabilities, is complemented by superior audio distribution through Yealink MSpeakers. The UVC86 camera elevates remote participant experiences to new heights, while wireless microphones liberate interactions from the confines of fixed positions. With this setup, you’re not just having meetings – you’re creating meaningful connections and driving collaboration that knows no bounds. Welcome to the future of communication.


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