VideoCentric announce the upgrade of their SMART Interactive Whiteboard to the 885ix, now installed for Demonstration

VideoCentric announce the upgrade of their SMART Interactive Whiteboard to the 885ix, now installed for Demonstration

VideoCentric announces the upgrade of their demonstration room SMARTBoard to the new SMART 885ix interactive whiteboard with Meeting Pro Premium Software and Ultra Short Throw Projector

Continuing to provide the most up to date demonstration facilities in the UK for visual communications, collaboration and interoperability testing, VideoCentric today announce the upgrade and installation of their new interactive whiteboard at the VideoCentric HQ in Wokingham, Berkshire.

 The SMART 885ix Interactive Whiteboard with Meeting Pro Premium was released in 2011 and provides a highly enhanced collaborative learning and working space, integrating multitouch features and gestures many are now familiar with in everyday touchscreen technology.

 VideoCentric’s development team, the main users of VideoCentric’s interactive whiteboard commented, “The 885ix provides much more user friendly features than our previous 600 series whiteboard. We use our boardroom during meeting to develop ideas, and collaborate with other locations around the country. The 885ix enables two users to work simulteneously which has never been possible with other interactive whiteboards. The position of the projector makes a real difference to our ability to use the SMARTBoard successfully and integrate it into everyday meetings. In the past, the projector location would be shining light into our faces whilst trying to hold discussions with the rest of the boardroom. This often meant moving away from the board when answering each question that arose, which really was unacceptable. Now the ultra short throw projector is directly above us so we are no longer blinded. And the problem with shadows have been removed because of this too.”

The SMART 885ix has been added to VideoCentric’s demonstration facilities, already renowned for its range of video conferencing, telepresence and visual communication equipment from all of the worlds leading manufacturers.

The interoperability testing available at the facilities in Wokingham enable customers to compare virtually every manufacturers HD video conferencing technology under one roof, with systems from Cisco, Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize, RADVISION, Vidyo and VCON. See these video conferencing systems integrated with collaboration solutions such as the SMART 885ix and see how legacy, SD systems and ISDN systems can also be integrated into these solutions.

 For more information regarding the SMART 885ix interactive whiteboard, its features, datasheet and technical specification, please go to the SMART 885ix Product Page >>

For any further information, to see the board in action, or to speak with VideoCentric regarding Business Visual Solutions and integration, Contact VideoCentric.

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